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John Madden to DeAngelo Hall: You Suck

The Redskins should expect less of this ...

The Redskins should expect less of this ...

Yesterday, I wrote that DeAngelo Hall is one guy that I can’t stand to watch. He’s just another loud mouth with a big name and a small game.

We’ve known this for a while now. The Falcons traded him. He even wasn’t good enough for the Raiders last year!

He’s now on the Redskins and despite the talk that he’s had good OTAs and the fact that he played pretty well last season, that mouth can’t help but make him look stupid every so often.

Yesterday, DeAngelo made it be known to a Redskins blogger that he’s a little upset. Not because he dropped an interception in practice or got beat on a double move.

No, D-Hall is mad because John Madden doesn’t like him anymore (You should read that entire article because DeAngelo goes on to compare himself to Michael Jackson, which is — well, typical DeAngelo).

One great quote: “Good thing I don’t play the game for Madden ratings.”

Really, D? Then why are we having this conversation? If you didn’t care about the ratings, you wouldn’t have spoke up on it in the first place. You wouldn’t have cared that your Madden rating has dropped the most of any NFL player from the 2009 game to 2010.

He could have carried the Madden drop as silent motivation, but everyone knows that Hall doesn’t know the meaning of “silent”.

With an atrociously over-priced, brand-new contract, this is the kind of DeAngelo Hall that the Redskins should expect for the next few years. He has shown that he thinks he is bigger than the game. He mouths off and gets burnt by good receivers regularly.

Reality be dammed, DeAngelo’s got money in the bank and his priorities place less importance on real football than the virtual version. I’m sure the order of what is important will change as the summer goes on, but I’m also sure that playing in the NFL will always lag behind in his mind.

It always has.

The Redskins saw the DeAngelo Hall that was desperate for a contract last season. He didn’t play for them; he played for the paper. Now they will get to see the real D-Hall, and he’ll wear out another welcome.

At that time, DeAngelo should be prepared to land on yet another team.

... and more of this. John Madden does.

... and more of this. John Madden does.

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