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National Nightmare Ends: Tommy Hanson Finally Gets the Call

No matter how you feel about the Atlanta Braves and their handling of the Tom Glavine situation today — did they really need that extra $1 million?? — it was of no real impact to anyone else other than the Braves. Tom Glavine’s career is just about to set over the horizon.

With him gone, Braves and baseball fans should prepare themselves for the next “next big thing” pitcher, Tommy Hanson.

Hanson was called up to the big club soon after the Braves cut the 43-year-0ld Glavine. As word spread, here’s a shot from the celebration of Hanson in Atlanta.

Or maybe that’s the celebration of U.S. independence in Washington D.C. Whatever. You get the point.

The Braves were very careful with their top pitching prospect in the spring. He dominated in the Arizona Fall League as he was the league leader in wins, ERA and strikeouts. He then looked good in spring training, but the Braves decided to keep Hanson in the the minors as the team broke camp.

Names such as J0-J0 Reyes (and really, give me anyone or anything successful named Jo-Jo after Jo Jo White. You can’t find any. Jo Jo is synonymous with failure) and Kris Medlen stood in Hanson’s path to the Majors. But, he just kept mowing down the minors.

How do you like these numbers in AAA this season?:

66 1/3 innings, 40 hits, 17 walks, 11 earned runs, 90 Ks.

Uh, that’s not bad.

National League? He's coming to get you.

National League? He's coming to get you.

So now the doorway is clear for this 6-foot-6 inch hurler to walk right through. He is slated to start Saturday against at home against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It’s not the best matchup on paper and, as with all rookies, you should expect some bumps in the road to success. But in fantasy leagues, Hanson should be owned in all 10 and 12-team mixed leagues right away. Leagues of 14 teams or more should at least keep track of him, but if you have someone you can drop (i.e. Ricky Nolasco, Ervin Santana, etc.), do it now.


Some more information on Hanson can be found here and here.

And as soon as Hanson arrives in Atlanta, he’ll find the team’s new center fielder behind him as Atlanta traded for Pittsburgh Pirates star Nate McLouth today as well.

Hanson may not be David Price-like immediately, but you have to be optimistic on a pitcher who has drawn comparisons to Roy Halladay and John Lackey, and is coming up through the Braves’ system. They’ve developed some pretty good starting pitchers in the last couple of decades.

Right, Tom Glavine?

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