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Milton Bradley has a tame off-day to his standards

The most dramatic highlight in baseball Friday night was certainly Luis Castillo’s dropped pop-up, allowing the Yankees to score the game-winning runs with two outs and beat the Mets 9-8, as jubilation and heartbreak collided on the Yankee Stadium grass.

Castillo, a three-time Gold Glove award winner, has to live with the fact that he dropped a ball that a little leaguer could have handled with a basket catch, and lost the game. That’s it.

But if you want a a parade of mishaps, errors, bloopers and brain cramps, there is always Milton Bradley.

Bradley, when he isn’t threatening your life, is the media’s dream ballplayer. He has the potential to be a great player, but he usually gets into his own way. He is flawed and often displays that. He’s also a great talker and gives the writers some great quotes.

So there was yesterday.

It all started out well for Milton, who began the day going 2 for 3 with a couple of RBIs. Then it fell apart.

A base-running error in the sixth was just the start. Then Bradley forgot how many outs there were in the eighth inning. With runners on the corners, he caught a fly ball for the second out, paused and threw the ball into the right-field bleachers. The runner on third scored on the sacrifice fly while the runner on first was given third base due to the error.

Another media darling, Cubs manager Lou Piniella, delivered this great line on Bradley forgetting how many outs there were:

“Do we need to go over math? One … two … three.”

Oh, snap.

Bradley capped the day by losing a fly ball in the sun, allowing another run to score. The highlights of Bradley’s day, the good and the bad, can be seen in a series of clips here.

After the game, Bradley had his usual fire side chat, during which he spit out these bits of wisdom:

On losing a fly ball in the sun: “The ball was hit, and it’s like when you get thrown in a pool — it’s like, ‘Don’t panic.’ I wasn’t a great swimmer when I was a kid, so my first thought was ‘Don’t panic. It’ll come out of the sun.’ I tried not to panic and it came out but it was 20 feet away from me.”

I’m so glad to know that Bradley wasn’t a great swimmer as a kid. I’m sure when the reporter asked that question, he was hoping to get a response on Milton’s underwater skills.

On the boos from Cubs’ fans after losing track of the outs: “That’s life. They have high expectations. I have high expectations for myself. I’ve never made that mistake in my life. Sue me.”

OK. And if you do it again, they may do something much worse than sue you.

“I caught it. I exhaled, and I was still seeing purple and green spots because I was looking into the sun. I sensed that something wasn’t right. My heart was in the right place, I tried to give a souvenir. It was messed up.”

Uh, what? Spots? So, you were so disoriented from the sun, it made you throw the ball into the crowd. Well, at least his heart was in the right place.

On being embarrassed about losing track of the outs: “I wasn’t embarrassed. I’ve done a whole lot of things to be embarrassed about.”

He couldn’t be more right about that. There’s this. And this. And who could forget this? Of course, maybe he should be embarrassed that the Cubs just signed him to a $30 million deal and his current numbers state that he deserves none of it.

The point is that when you go to a baseball game, you will always see something that you have never seen before. With Milton Bradley, you’ll usually see something that you’ll never forget.

Even though he probably will.

At least he didn't get ejected on Friday.

At least he didn't get ejected on Friday.

  1. Nodonn
    June 13, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Milton Bradley is always hilarious. I’m glad he’s in the MLB. And, glad he’s not on the team I cheer for.

  2. swamigp
    June 14, 2009 at 12:30 am

    If he wasn’t so stupid, he’d be a hot commodity. He’s a great hitter, he just can’t control himself. I feel bad for the guy. Hopefully he can get back on track and make the contract worthwhile.

    If you are interested, check out my sports site, where I cover baseball as well: http://swamigp.wordpress.com/

  3. Padrick
    June 15, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I love Bradley. I was pumped when he was on the A’s with Nick Swisher, because they were fantastic together.

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