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Running Off at the Electronic Mouth I

There are a few very cool topics in sports today, and I’m not sure which one I want to spotlight most, so I’ll just cop out with some abbreviated viewpoints on each.

— What exactly did Brett Favre tells us on HBO last night? He has talked to the Vikings about a comeback. He had surgery on his damaged shoulder. He will need some time to recover and think about his situation with Minnesota. So, to sum up, nothing new from what we’ve heard 1,000 news outlets speculate. Wow, what a scoop!

It’s a little cliche now to say that you are sick of Brett Favre comeback-talk, but name something you would like to do more than listen to Brett Favre speculation for another month. For instance, I probably would prefer to be covered in bees while jumping rope.

Favre is certainly coming back to the NFL. There, I’ve said it. Now, when he does the exact same in about a month from now, don’t be sucked into the “big, breaking news.” This is not news. It’s just a man and a country’s unquenchable thirst to see him and the following circus back in its most popular sport.

— Verlander vs. Pujols tonight! It’s about as close baseball can get right now to a heavyweight bout.

In their careers, Pujols is 5 for 9 off of Verlander with a home run, three walks and two strikeouts.

I’ll say that Pujols goes 1 for 3 in the matchup tonight with a solo home run and a strikeout.

— But there is something even more important in baseball tonight. As a reminder from a previous post, this is the night that the best baseball shirt I have ever seen will be handed out to the first 20,000 fans in Kansas City.

I will be launching an all-out war on eBay tomorrow to get one of those shirts.

— Brandon Marshall is becoming a joke. He is such a beast on the football field. In fact, that’s one of his nicknames. He has caught 206 balls in the past two seasons. He made the Pro Bowl last season and set a record for most receptions in a five-game span — 55 — spread over the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

But Marshall has become just as famous for his run-ins with the law in the past couple of years. And now he wants to be traded from the Broncos. While I doubt a trade happens — oh yeah, Brandon Lloyd is really going to fill his shoes — it’s just another reason to shake your head at such a talented receiver.

I don’t know when it will stop with Marshall. He’ll be entering only his fourth season in the NFL this fall. He’s only 25 years old. It’s not unfathomable to say that it could get worse before it gets better for Marshall, and that’s hard to believe by looking at his arrest record.

We’ve come to expect the worst out of Marshall. He, much like Chris Henry, will continue to see his production on the football field always qualified by fans and broadcasters with his trouble away from it. But when does it come too much for the Broncos? I don’t think they will trade him now, but I think Marshall is one more mistake from forcing Denver’s hand.

  1. June 16, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    The worst thing for me is that, despite his prowess on the field, his actions have led people to compare him to Chris Henry. I’m not saying the comparison isn’t valid, just that it shows what he has done to his career in such a short time.

    You know, he could have been a Marvin Harrison-type player, and maybe he still can, but when he continues to pull stunts like this, it really makes you question his maturity, and that is unfortunate.

    He can still be something special, I guess.

    And really, I would want out of Denver as well. Kyle Orton? No thank you.

  2. spokes310
    June 16, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Obviously, Marshall has been more productive than Henry, but Henry is the benchmark for troubled, talented WRs, much like Ryan Leaf is for QB busts. All QB busts are compared against Ryan Leaf. They are the certain benchmarks for troubled players.
    That is the only way that I am comparing Henry to Marshall. Brandon can still be very good — he’s only 25 — but he has to stop this now, or no one is going to give him a chance before he turns 30.
    Kyle Orton isn’t the best, but just because you are a very good WR and you don’t like the quality of your quarterback doesn’t give you the authority to ask for a trade. He must not like McDaniels and/or he is upset about the Cutler deal.

    • June 16, 2009 at 10:27 pm

      Oh, I think the Henry comparison is completely apt, I wasn’t faulting you there. I just think its bad that Marshall has let his career come to that so quickly, especially with all the ability he has.

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