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David Ortiz Tests Positive. So Why Are People Surprised?

Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?

I think everyone has some players in there mind that they will always believe used performance-enhancing drugs, even though there is no hard evidence to back it up. David Ortiz was always one of those players for me.

It wasn’t that hard to see. The numbers always gave reason to be suspicious. Ortiz was a guy who looked helpless at the plate with the Twins, swinging at balls in the dirt like a golfer in a sand trap. Then, over the course of one season, he becomes an MVP candidate and sees his OPS go up more than 120 percentage points!

Yet, everyone seems to be wowed by this news. Ortiz is a lovable character and has strongly denied using PEDs of any kind, but guess what? People lie!!!

No matter how much they come off as someone who can do no wrong, people lie!!!

A-Rod lied. Clemens lied. Palmeiro lied. Sosa lied. And now Ortiz lied.

They all seemed somewhat convincing at the time. But when your reputation and your career is at stake, lying is always seen as the easier path to travel rather than owning up to your mistakes. And then when the player is finally busted, their mia culpa falls on deaf ears.

Even if they are forgiven — at least by their home fans — no one will forget what that player did to cheat the game when looking back on their career. They are forever tarnished.

Well, that is until we find that EVERYONE who played professional baseball between 1993 and 2005 used some sort of performance-enhancing drug. It could happen. But until then …

Red Sox Nation will continue to support Ortiz because he’s one of theirs. He tries to win for them. He wears their uniform. But now when people look at David Ortiz and his meteoric rise to success, they will finally have a real reason to doubt the integrity of his accomplishments.

What? Manny Ramirez tested positive, too? That story line became instantly less shocking about three months ago.

I’ll keep saying that the entire list of 104 players who “anonymously” tested positive for PEDs in 2003 should just come out, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next shoe to drop.

Anyone want to take some bets on the next player outed? I’ll go with Adrian Beltre. Sure, he’s not a huge name, but I am curious as to whether steroids or just the incentive of a new contract led to his unprecedented 2004 season.

  1. July 30, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Do they serve crow at Fenway?

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