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Dodgers Trade for Jon Garland and a 564-HR Pinch-Hitter

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ll be writing a series of NFL articles on here starting tomorrow, so to get warmed up … here is a baseball note!

In another case to show how the MLB trading deadline is extremely overrated, the Los Angeles Dodgers worked out an eleventh-hour deal Monday night to acquire Jim Thome and Jon Garland. Midnight Eastern time Monday was the last minute that players could be dealt and then be eligible to play in the playoffs with their new team.

The news was broken to me by the voice of God … Vin Scully. Garland gives the Dodgers a nice option for a fifth starter, considering he’s definitely better than Vicente Padilla and more proven than knuckleballer Charlie Haeger.

OK, fine, I get that.

But where does Jim Thome fit in any of this? He doesn’t look like anything more than a left-handed power bat off of the bench for the Dodgers. Thome is better than a bench-only player, but the Dodgers couldn’t possibly take James Loney out of the lineup.

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Brett Favre’s Fantasy Prospects

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Watching this Brett Favre saga unfold for the past couple of years and especially the past few months has made me feel like The Yellow Bastard in Sin City getting his head smashed in with a giant rock by Hartigan. It kept beating me until it was just hitting mush.

Every update on this story felt like another strike to my brain. It got to the point where it no longer mattered; the story, with all of its waffling and weekly updates, had already crushed my skull.

But now, it is for real. The questions, the speculation, the rumors, etc., they are all gone. There was ol’ No. 4 in Viking purple on Tuesday, raring to go.

With him back on the field, there was one outstanding issue with Favre that I thought about all day: Where do I take him in my fantasy draft?

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Michael Vick is Back; Donovan McNabb Need Not Worry

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Saints, Raiders, Bills, 49ers Rams, Dolphins, Jaguars, Redskins, Patriots, Seahawks, Ravens, Panthers, Packers, the Albany Firebirds and others

In the past few months, all of those teams were rumored to have some sort of interest in Michael Vick.

But the rumors are now gone and the team that has ended up signing Michael Vick is … the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh, of course! Who didn’t see that coming?? I guess Jesse Jackson was wrong. Again.

Fox’s Jay Glazer is reporting that Vick has signed a one-year, $1.6 million contract with a team option for 2010.  The option is worth $5.2 million.

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Neftali Feliz Demands Your Attention

August 13, 2009 1 comment


That’s all I could say about Texas Rangers relief pitcher Neftali Feliz today. I had heard a lot about him, but today’s performance against the Indians was the first time that I got to see him pitch live. If you didn’t see it, you need to watch this.

Maybe you should watch it again, just to take it all in.

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You Didn’t Watch HBO’s Hard Knocks? Child, Please!

August 13, 2009 1 comment

The best reality TV show is back! And last night’s debut didn’t disappoint.

HBO’s fifth installment of its look inside an NFL training camp, Hard Knocks, may be ready for its best season ever. And that’s a pretty remarkable statement considering last season’s show about the Dallas Cowboys had more more characters stuffed into it than a clown car.

Last night gave us a taste of the glory that is to come. There were heartbreaking injuries to veterans, a view of what it looks like when a young player is cut and just enough of Chad Johnson Ohco Cinco, with his definitions for “Child, please” and “pisstivity”, and his unfiltered love for himself.

There was also an absolutely fantastic moment with rookie Rey Maualuga having a college flashback. As he was walking up to camp, Rey spotted a young lady on the sidewalk, said hello and then after a few seconds of looking back, he paused and quickly said to the camera, “Mm, Did you see that?”

And look how much more potential this series has! As the weeks go on, we’ll continue to see how Roy Williams is the most overrated safety in football.

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Running Off at the Electronic Mouth III

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I haven’t been posting much of late, but with the baseball pennant races heating up, college football getting ready to start within a month and the NFL preseason already underway, I can guarantee that I’ll be posting more often in the coming weeks.

Anyway, in the past few days, here are some issues that I should have written more about, but just … didn’t. Here are my thoughts in abbreviated form:

The Mike Vick reclamation project continues: The recently released felon was back in his home state of Georgia this weekend, talking to a group of 50 youngsters about the dangers of dog fighting. Very nice. I hope he means it. I hope he is sincere.

But, the funny part to me is that I heard that he was also talking about the “dangers of vicious dogs.” Excuse me …

No, I don’t have a link to verify that above sentence, but God, I hope it’s true because I want to hear what he has to say on that subject.

“Kids, watch out for vicious dogs. Pit bulls are difficult to deal with. And when you electrocute them, they don’t like that.

When you force their head underwater, they can get a bit perturbed.

When you hang them and then beat them onto the ground, the can turn on you. So watch out!”

Vick has to do these public service showings as part of his probation. I hope he treasures this time and really sticks to the words he is saying.

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Is That … Football? OH MY GOD!!!!

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

It was nice to see some actual, live NFL football last night, even if no one knew who was on the field past the 5-minute mark of the first quarter. But for this nation, it’s something. Get ready for four more games on Thursday.

And sure, everyone was watching TO. He looked good running a slant route and an out route. Vince Young didn’t do himself many favors in fulfilling his Hall of Fame prophecy from earlier in the week and a punter pulled off what could already be the coolest play in the entire 2009-10 season. You can see all of that everywhere … including here.

But above all of that, one thing caught my eye: Who put Shaun Rogers in Alge Crumpler’s jersey?

You’ve heard that LenDale White lost 20 pounds in the offseason. It looked like all of it got injected into Alge. Maybe it was the powder-blue uniforms, but he looked like a crystal-clear lake in the middle of Canton, Ohio.

Crumpler has been one of my favorite players since his heyday earlier in this decade when he was one of the sport’s

Give the uniform a little bit of a lighter color and you have Alge Crumpler last night

Give the uniform a little bit of a lighter color and you have Alge Crumpler last night

best tight ends with the Falcons. He won me many fantasy football matchups through the years, so I am forever in his debt.

And he’s always been a guy up around the 250-to-260-pound area. But holy enchilada supreme, Batman! Talk about offseason weight gain. He has to be up around 300 now. He HAS to be.

It’s a shame that I can’t find a picture of Crumpler from last night. Yet if I did, I’m not sure It would fit in this field.

That’s what I’ll remember most about last night.

Oh well. The NFL is back! That feels good, no matter how out of shape you are.