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You Will Be Missed, Arena Football League

On the front page of the Arena Football League’s Web site, everything looks on the up-and-up. One of the main stories states:

The Arena Football League (AFL) today announced that it has finalized a revitalized business model that will enable the league to return to competition in time for the 2010 season.

Too bad that front-page article was written on April 23, 2009. That model was obviously never ratified. And now we may have reached the end.

Depending on whom you believe, the league is ready to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy — the quickest and most common form of bankruptcy in the US — and will officially fold soon after.

Or not.

Either way, this is a sad development. During my time in Florida, I spent many Friday nights at Orlando Predators games. Yeah, offense was inflated, defense was non-existent, running backs were used only inside the 5-yard line and I’m pretty sure tackling wasn’t part of any team practice drill, but I knew what I was watching.

I didn’t attend AFL games for the football. Besides laughing at how any pro league could make a star out of Joe Hamilton, I went for the atmosphere.

It wasn’t exactly family friendly, but from the looks of the attendees, starting a family should be out of the question for many of them.



The music was loud and constant. The fans cheered wildly, even though they often didn’t know what they were cheering for by the time the second half arrived. Their rowdiness was infectious. The arena’s JumboTron would challenge girls to flash their breasts when the game got boring. Instead of beach balls bouncing throughout the crowd, some fans brought blow-up dolls to the games.

I am not sure how it was for any other team, but Predators games were always something to look forward to if you wanted a few laughs.

And now, it seems to be all but over. Shame.

In a related storyline, Los Angeles is still absent of a pro football team. Maybe one league’s loss is another town’s gain*.


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