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Running Off at the Electronic Mouth III

I haven’t been posting much of late, but with the baseball pennant races heating up, college football getting ready to start within a month and the NFL preseason already underway, I can guarantee that I’ll be posting more often in the coming weeks.

Anyway, in the past few days, here are some issues that I should have written more about, but just … didn’t. Here are my thoughts in abbreviated form:

The Mike Vick reclamation project continues: The recently released felon was back in his home state of Georgia this weekend, talking to a group of 50 youngsters about the dangers of dog fighting. Very nice. I hope he means it. I hope he is sincere.

But, the funny part to me is that I heard that he was also talking about the “dangers of vicious dogs.” Excuse me …

No, I don’t have a link to verify that above sentence, but God, I hope it’s true because I want to hear what he has to say on that subject.

“Kids, watch out for vicious dogs. Pit bulls are difficult to deal with. And when you electrocute them, they don’t like that.

When you force their head underwater, they can get a bit perturbed.

When you hang them and then beat them onto the ground, the can turn on you. So watch out!”

Vick has to do these public service showings as part of his probation. I hope he treasures this time and really sticks to the words he is saying.

Smoltz-ering rubble: Even if he was pitching for the Red Sox, the downfall of John Smoltz has been a sad sight. In the job of pitching, where everything depends on location, location, location, Smoltz’s pitches have been flat and right over the plate.

His season reminds me of the likes of Willie Mays and Joe Namath — two greats who spent all of their careers with one team until their skills started to fade, went to another team and looked like a boxer who was out on his feet.

Hopefully, many don’t remember this year in Smoltz’s career. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer and I hope he does hang it up. Yeah, it’s his life and if he still loves the game, then he can do what he wants. But it looks as if Smoltz has nothing left to give. Some teams aren’t so sure.

The most overblown story of the week: Josh Hamilton’s relapse. Look, he made a mistake. I come from a family that has many cases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Those are not curable diseases. It’s a life-long fight. He needs to make better decisions in the future about when/if he goes into bars, but people who are chastising him for what he reportedly did one night in January are way out of line.

Hamilton has taken responsibility for those photos and has come out to admit that he was wrong. Hopefully this is a lesson learned. Moving on …

Don’t forget about them: I know it’s all doom and gloom for the Red Sox and their horrible offense right now, but I think the more interesting storyline is the entire National League.

We all thought that the Dodgers and Phillies were free and clear of anyone else in the senior circuit, but hold everything. the Dodgers have lost 11 out of 17 and the Phillies just got battered at home by the second-place Marlins. These two teams are coming back to the pack and I am absolutely stoked for this Dodgers/Giants series that begins tonight in San Fran.

The American League East division has probably been decided, but everything is still up for grabs with about 50 games to go. This is going to be fun!

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