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Michael Vick is Back; Donovan McNabb Need Not Worry

Saints, Raiders, Bills, 49ers Rams, Dolphins, Jaguars, Redskins, Patriots, Seahawks, Ravens, Panthers, Packers, the Albany Firebirds and others

In the past few months, all of those teams were rumored to have some sort of interest in Michael Vick.

But the rumors are now gone and the team that has ended up signing Michael Vick is … the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh, of course! Who didn’t see that coming?? I guess Jesse Jackson was wrong. Again.

Fox’s Jay Glazer is reporting that Vick has signed a one-year, $1.6 million contract with a team option for 2010.  The option is worth $5.2 million.

It’s a good spot for Vick to land. Strong ownership, strong head coach, strong fan base. Plus, the Eagles were in need of a viable quarterback after top backup Kevin Kolb went down with a knee injury last week and then they found out that they couldn’t put a coaching intern behind center.

But this news is absolutely no threat to Donovan McNabb. Wide receiver, wildcat, whatever. There are a number of routes that Andy Reid and the Eagles can take with Vick, but it’s a pretty safe bet that he will not be looked at as a quarterback first and foremost.

McNabb is probably supportive of this deal. He maintains his job security while his team picks up a potential game-changer on offense. And if you want speed and game-changing ability, how about teaching Vick the wide receiver position and putting him, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin on the field in three-receiver sets? Unlikely, but scary to think about.

The deal is cheap and smart because Vick may need a full year to get re-acclimated with the NFL game.

But that’s all speculation because we have no idea what his body can do right now. The plain facts are that Michael Vick is back. He’s an Eagle. (At least he’s not a Brown.)

Vick is eligible to play as early as Aug. 27 at “home” against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Love him, hate him or somewhere in between, I’m sure plenty of people will be watching.

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