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You Didn’t Watch HBO’s Hard Knocks? Child, Please!

The best reality TV show is back! And last night’s debut didn’t disappoint.

HBO’s fifth installment of its look inside an NFL training camp, Hard Knocks, may be ready for its best season ever. And that’s a pretty remarkable statement considering last season’s show about the Dallas Cowboys had more more characters stuffed into it than a clown car.

Last night gave us a taste of the glory that is to come. There were heartbreaking injuries to veterans, a view of what it looks like when a young player is cut and just enough of Chad Johnson Ohco Cinco, with his definitions for “Child, please” and “pisstivity”, and his unfiltered love for himself.

There was also an absolutely fantastic moment with rookie Rey Maualuga having a college flashback. As he was walking up to camp, Rey spotted a young lady on the sidewalk, said hello and then after a few seconds of looking back, he paused and quickly said to the camera, “Mm, Did you see that?”

And look how much more potential this series has! As the weeks go on, we’ll continue to see how Roy Williams is the most overrated safety in football.

We’ll probably get a humorous piece about Dhani Jones and his love for bow ties.

We’ll see how much all of the team’s coaches squirm when team president/owner Mike Brown suggests that they move Shayne Graham to wide receiver or Keith Rivers to punter because “that’s the direction that’s taking us.”

But best of all, we have Cedric Benson. We have an extraterrestrial the very talented Chris Henry. And the Bengals brought in Tank Johnson this offseason for some added good luck.

None of those guys, who are all expected to play big roles for the Bengals this year, were covered all last night. But I’m sure their stories will come up in the next month as the Bengals prepare for their 18th non-winning season in the past 19 years, head coach Marvin Lewis prepares to lose his job and Carson Palmer prepares to lose his sanity.

I may watch every single one of these showings. You should, too.

TV star in the making

TV star in the making

  1. August 22, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    I love me some Dhani Jones.

    His show on whatever network it was on was awesome to the max.

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