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Brett Favre’s Fantasy Prospects

Watching this Brett Favre saga unfold for the past couple of years and especially the past few months has made me feel like The Yellow Bastard in Sin City getting his head smashed in with a giant rock by Hartigan. It kept beating me until it was just hitting mush.

Every update on this story felt like another strike to my brain. It got to the point where it no longer mattered; the story, with all of its waffling and weekly updates, had already crushed my skull.

But now, it is for real. The questions, the speculation, the rumors, etc., they are all gone. There was ol’ No. 4 in Viking purple on Tuesday, raring to go.

With him back on the field, there was one outstanding issue with Favre that I thought about all day: Where do I take him in my fantasy draft?

Just looking at a random sample of mock drafts from Tuesday night on fantasyfootballcalculator.com, I found mixed results, as expected. Some were taking Favre way too early while others let him slip behind the likes of Jake Delhomme and Chad Pennington or completely forgot him. On average, he was regularly selected between picks No. 105 and 115.

Physically, Favre has his red flags. He will be 40 in less than two months and while he may have been playing with that torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder for a few years, but it’s still a torn rotator cuff. It’s still there. What’s to say that after eight or so more games of wear and tear, that injury won’t just give to the point that it overwhelms his talent and Favre turns in another disastrous second half of the season? Right, Jets fans???

But compared to others, I am pretty optimistic about Favre for fantasy this season. He’s working with an offense that he could direct with his eyes closed. He has a great offensive line and and the game’s best rusher behind him. The receivers leave a bit to be desired, but Favre has turned average wideouts into No. 1 options before. Bernard Berrian can’t possibly be happier.

It also doesn’t hurt that Favre has a well-endowed capable tight end in Visanthe Shiancoe and may have another safety valve developing in the passing game.

Favre has enough weapons, enough game, good conditions — he’ll play 10 games in a dome this season — and the knowledge to know what he should be doing in all scenarios to be a very good value in fantasy.

Favre is being drafted behind Cassel, Palmer and Eli Manning right now. I think he’ll put up numbers that surpass all of them this year. He’s not at the level of Tony Romo or Matt Ryan, but I think that once Matt Schaub comes off the board, Favre is fair game. Think of him as a very solid No. 2 QB if you are in a standard-10 team league.

Final basic stat line: 3,664 yards, 25 touchdowns, 19 interceptions.

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