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Dodgers Trade for Jon Garland and a 564-HR Pinch-Hitter

I’ll be writing a series of NFL articles on here starting tomorrow, so to get warmed up … here is a baseball note!

In another case to show how the MLB trading deadline is extremely overrated, the Los Angeles Dodgers worked out an eleventh-hour deal Monday night to acquire Jim Thome and Jon Garland. Midnight Eastern time Monday was the last minute that players could be dealt and then be eligible to play in the playoffs with their new team.

The news was broken to me by the voice of God … Vin Scully. Garland gives the Dodgers a nice option for a fifth starter, considering he’s definitely better than Vicente Padilla and more proven than knuckleballer Charlie Haeger.

OK, fine, I get that.

But where does Jim Thome fit in any of this? He doesn’t look like anything more than a left-handed power bat off of the bench for the Dodgers. Thome is better than a bench-only player, but the Dodgers couldn’t possibly take James Loney out of the lineup.

Loney not had a good power season, but he’s still a much better overall hitter than Thome and a damn fine first baseman. Thome can’t any longer play first or third or anywhere. Thome hasn’t even played in the field since 2007 and that was only for one game. His history of back injuries is well-documented, and at 39 years old, he’s not hitting the field any time soon.

So maybe, the Dodgers just felt like adding 564 home runs to their bench. It is a bit of a curious move.

For fantasy spin, Thome will probably become waiver wire fodder now as the fantasy playoffs near.

As for the White Sox and Diamondbacks, they will receive players to be named. It’s hilarious to see that after acquiring Alex Rios and Jake Peavy a month ago, the Sox were still forced to throw in the towel anyway. Players such as Jermaine Dye were not as lucky as their now ex-teammate.

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