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AFC East Fantasy Preview … Expedited

I wanted to give the AFC East a full breakdown, but as we are now just less than four-and-a-half hours away from the start of the NFL season, I know that is impossible if I plan to finish these previews before the first kickoff of the regular season. So, here are some quick fantasy hits about players in the AFC East.

I apologize for my poor planning. It serves me right for wanting to sleep, eat and leave my apartment. I should have known that this blog takes priority over those activities of leisure.

Big things coming from Leon

Big things coming from Leon

New York Jets: I actually think Mark Sanchez will have a good amount of fantasy value this year. I know he’s just a rookie, didn’t play relatively much in college and left after his junior season, but he looks very poised and he should be very successful using a lot of underneath routes. I would be glad to have him as my No. 3 QB

It’s a bit frustrating to own Leon Washington because he is so dynamic but you know that Thomas Jones is still No. 1 in this backfield. However, I still love Washington this year. If Peter King is right, he will be a consistent No. 2 back. Jones is coming off a tremendous year, but he has to know he is going to lose a good amount of touches to Washington. Did I mention how much I love him this year?

I am not drafting any Jets WRs, not with a rookie QB at the helm. I said I like Sanchez, but every one can’t be Matt Ryan. Jerricho Cotchery is the No. 1 on the field, but I’m passing on him. And if this matters to you, you’re in too deep of a league, my friend.

Tight end Dustin Keller, on the other hand, could be the beneficiary of a lot of those short Sanchez throws. He is yet another quality tight end that will produce above his draft spot.

Buffalo Bills: I’m being nice if I say that this offense was absolutely pathetic in the preseason. Someone had to go.

Buy low on Beast Mode!!

Buy low on Beast Mode!!

But it’s not a good sign that Terrell Owens is already displeased with how the team is being run. I think Trent Edwards will have a pretty good year with Owens and Lee Evans around. I just don’t want the headache of owning Owens, and I think Evans will be hit and miss

Starting running back Marshawn Lynch has been suspended for the team’s first three games, so that’s makes Fred Jackson a pretty good start for a few weeks, and then a quality handcuff for Lynch, who runs too hard for his own well-being. That being said, I am a big fan of buying low on Lynch right now. Trade for him and let him sit on your bench. You you will have to give up a good player to get him, but you can deal with it. It’s just for the first three weeks of the season. I think he is going to be very fresh for the next 13.

New England Patriots: Don’t stress; quarterback Tom Brady will be great. Don’t worry about the knee, don’t worry about the shoulder. I bet he will rack up 35 TDs and 4,000+ yards this year. That’s not really going on on a limb, but just a show that people should have plenty of faith in him this year. A lot of what he puts up in the air will head to Randy Moss, obviously. I still wouldn’t have drafted him in front of Calvin Johnson, but he’ll have another fantastic season as well.

It's won't be 2007 again, but close enough

It's won't be 2007 again, but close enough

Wide receiver Wes Welker is also slightly overrated and is already nursing an injury. Yet with the Patriots, we don’t know if Welker is fine or if that hamstring has torn off the bone. Those sneaky Patriots with their injury reports. Welker will be good, but I am seeing too many teams that waited too long to take a wide receiver and are depending on him to be their top threat. Big mistake.

The Patriots’ backfield will always be a guessing game. Fred Taylor has been projected as the starting running back, but what does that mean in this offense? Sammy Morris is a good multi-purpose back, yet their were whispers that he may get cut last month. Kevin Faulk is still around to be a third-down back and catch passes. BenJarvus Green-Ellis could get some carries around the goal line. And Laurence Maroney is trying to figure out what will be left for him.

I think Morris can be the most valuable RB out of this mess, but you will need to pray that he either makes a huge statement early on or that the rest of the field suffers injuries if you want a true “starting” running back here.

If I had to rank them in fantasy value, I would go Morris, Taylor, Maroney, Faulk, Green-Ellis.

Tight end Ben Watson used to be very good, but injuries and the Patriots’ passing offense have made him just a glorified blocker.

Miami Dolphins: Quarterback Chad Pennington is another guy who can serve you well solely as a bye-week option. He will never exploit great matchups, but he is still very safe with the ball and can get you 8-10 points per week. What else do you possibly expect with that right shoulder of his?

Running back Ronnie Brown is grossly overrated in drafts. He didn’t have that good of a season in 2008. Behind the day he had against the Patriots with the re-introduction of the wildcat, his numbers were very pedestrian. He has been drafted as a No. 2 back, but he is really better suited to be a flex. Ricky Williams will steal some of Brown’s carries, but probably not as much as in years’ past. Williams knows the end is near. He’s just a handcuff, waiting for a break (or a tear or a dislocation …).



Wide receiver Ted Ginn‘s full potential will probably never be realized with a quarterback like Pennington around, but he’s certainly a game-changer. I think they should include him in more rushing plays just to get him the ball more. He may turn into a decent fantasy starter. Right now, he’s still a sleeper. And for those of you who were considering another Dolphins wide receiver — Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, etc. — the middle of this article should keep you away from all of them.

Tight end Anthony Fasano can certainly score some cheap touchdowns, but he doesn’t get enough targets to be considered for anything close to a starting spot on your team unless you are in a 20-team league or something ridiculous.

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