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Projecting the 2009-10 NFL Standings

We are OH SO CLOSE! The time is ticking down. Are you ready for some football??? I know I am (this blog’s latest entries should display that well).

So, right before kickoff of the season’s first game, here are my predictions for each team, all the way up through Super Bowl ECKS-EL-EY-VEE:


1. San Diego Chargers: 12-4 (God, this division is wretched. The Chargers should be ashamed if they don’t at least nine games. Six wins should be sitting in their own division.)

2. Oakland Raiders: 6-10 (Maybe it’s a little nuts, but they have some talent on offense and a very good pass defense. Fans in Oakland should be happy with six wins.)

3. Denver Broncos: 4-12: (Defense is a huge problem, and does anyone trust Kyle Orton? Plus, their best offensive player could quit at any moment)

4. Kansas City Chiefs: 3-13 (Their offense is putrid in every aspect. It’s hard to decide whether the Broncos or the Chiefs will be the worst team in the AFC this year)


1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-6 (They win through running and defense, and they have plenty of it again this year)

2. Baltimore Ravens: 10-6 (I love the upside of Joe Flacco, and Ray Rice is going to be huge for this team)

3. Cincinnati Bengals: 7-9 (They are headed in the right direction, but defense is a work in progress)

4. Cleveland Browns: 5-11 (Why hide who the QB is going to be? They are going to suck regardless)


1. Tennessee Titans: 11-5 (Defense is still fierce and I think they will win tonight)

2. Indianapolis Colts: 10-6 (The window has closed, but they are still a very solid team on both ends)

3. Houston Texans: 9-7 (They are getting very close. I love that offense if everyone stays healthy and that front seven on defense is improving very quickly)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-12 (The defense is a shell of its former self, and Maurice Jones-Drew is pretty lonely in that offense)


New England Patriots: 13-3 (They are average on defense, but the offense is back at full strength and that’s big problems for the rest of the league)

New York Jets: 8-8 (I think Mark Sanchez has a pretty good year, and this team will be better off if it can get the ball into Leon Washington’s hands more)

Buffalo Bills: 6-10 (When will TO start to bitch?)

Miami Dolphins: 5-11 (They caught the league off guard last season. I am not a believer)


Wild Card round: Titans defeat Ravens, Steelers defeat Colts

Divisional round: Patriots defeat Steelers, Titans defeat Chargers

AFC Championship: Patriots defeat Titans (I hate to see the Patriots back here, but they are so good at adapting on defense, and their offense could be unstoppable once again)


1. Seattle Seahawks: 9-7 (This still a bad division from top to bottom, but if Seattle’s offense stays healthy, they will take it)

2. Arizona Cardinals: 8-8 (Warner will be hurt all season and they are having trouble with the new offensive coordinator. It’s yet another case of Super Bowl hangover)

3. San Francisco 49ers: 6-10 (The Niners are actually a decent team. But teams from this division have a brutal schedule this year. And they just don’t have enough playmakers)

4. St. Louis Rams: 3-13 (It’s going to be a few years, but the Rams have some pretty good prospects on defense)


1. Minnesota Vikings: 12-4 (I believe that Favre will do well. They have a pretty easy schedule and they are great on defense)

2. Chicago Bears: 10-6 (Everyone is so down on Cutler. He is exactly what this team need to get into the playoffs)

3. Green Bay Packers: 9-7 (Defense is still spotty, but this is one of the best offenses in football. Ryan Grant gets back to form this year)

4. Detroit Lions: 2-14 (TWO WINS! It’s progress. Watch out, St. Louis in week 8 and Cleveland in week 11)


1. Atlanta Falcons: 12-4: (I know the last-place team has won the division the following year for the last 6,000 years, but I absolutely love the Falcons this year)

2. Carolina Panthers: 9-7 (The defense is declining and I don’t think this offense will be as successful this year)

3. New Orleans Saints: 8-8 (Same old story here. Lots of offense, but nothing special on the other side)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11 (This offense is going to be almost painful to watch this year)


1. New York Giants: 11-5 (Having Umenyiora back helps, and Hakeem Nicks will help out a questionable receiving corps)

2. Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 (They are certainly loaded, but I think Vick will add nothing but controversy this year)

3. Dallas Cowboys: 8-8 (Having TO gone will actually help the ‘Boys’ offense. But they still have a lot of problems on defense)

4. Washington Redskins: 6-10 (They just don’t have enough offense right now to compete in this division)


Wild card round: Eagles defeat Seahawks, Bears defeat Giants

Divisional round: Vikings defeat Eagles, Falcons defeat Bears

NFC Championship: Vikings defeat Falcons

On Feb. 7, 2010, the Vikings will reign

On Feb. 7, 2010, the Vikings will reign

Super Bowl: So, I’ve got the Vikings and the Patriots in the Big Game. How will Bill Belichick plan for Adrian Peterson? What will the Vikings do to pressure Tom Brady? How about good ol’ Brett Favre being back in the Super Bowl? This is a great game, and I think the Vikings are just a bit better on defense. They will get after Brady much like the Giants did in the 2007 Super Bowl. Favre is OK, but Peterson punishes the Pats’ defense all day.

Vikings 27, Patriots 23

Belichick runs off the field before time expires again, and now Brett Favre can finally retire comfortably. Members of the sports media will weep as they scramble to find interesting stories in March with a Favre comeback completely out of the question.

Whew, I’m glad that’s done. Now that we know who’s going to win the Super Bowl, let’s get this season started!

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