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How Has Sports Made You Feel Old?

Zachary Donal AkinsI’m just 25 years old. But in the words of one of my friends on my 25th birthday, “You’re half way to being dead.” Yeah, that’s what friends are for. Apparently we are secretly living in an 1800s society and 50 years old makes you the George Burns of the earth.

I know I am pretty young, but I guess it’s never too early to wonder about your own mortality, no matter how bulletproof you feel at this age. I thought about how old I am getting this past week when one of my best friends from high school became a father (that’s his baby you see to the right. He is going to be shaped so much into being the next great NFL linebacker that even Todd Marinovich’s father will cringe). It’s hard for me to comprehend that the same people I grew up with are now becoming dads.

But I find that sports, like nothing else, can make your age really stand out.

So I pose this question to you: When has something in sports made you feel really old?

It’s happens to me every day. I can’t believe Derek Jeter is 35 years old. I can’t believe the Oilers left Houston 13 years ago. I can’t believe that when Chris Webber called a timeout that he didn’t have in the Final Four, I was there … and now he’s retired!

But the first and most vivid memory I have of my brain screaming out, “YOU ARE OLD!” is when I discovered one day that I am exactly 180 days older than LeBron James.

I spent my life looking up to athletes. I was never supposed to be older than them. Being born before the “Chosen One” was something that just stunned me. And now for the sentence that will make me seem high: No matter how old James gets, I will always be older. Whoa, man. That’s trippy.

But it’s something that I have thought about often. It shows me that childhood is over. I am now into my 20s, halfway to thirty and at that point, five years past half way to death. Thanks, sports. You’re the best.

Yeah, I know that it’s the natural process of life, but remember what I said about bulletproof? I guess I haven’t grown out of it yet.

  1. September 26, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Technically, you more than halfway to 30.

    You are, mathematically speaking, 83 percent of 30.

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