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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth IV

Rex RyanNow that we headed into the third week of the NFL season, expect posts about each weekend’s NFL action every Sunday. I’ve held off because there are just too many fluke occurrences in the first two weeks. Sure, some truths still hold strong (Lions, Rams still suck), but it takes a couple of weeks for us to know what we really have here.

But here are some things from the league — and other sports — that I would like to hit on.

Power rankings, like many polls in sports, are stupid and not worth paying any attention. But there is no way that the Jets should be lower than any AFC team on those lists. ESPN, FOX, CBS, SI, etc. have all put teams such as the Steelers, Ravens and Colts ahead of the J-E-T-S. What are they watching?

The Steelers have already lost a game. The Colts barely beat the Jaguars and the Dolphins, two teams that are destined to finish last in their respective divisions. The Ravens struggled at home against a pitiful Kansas City offense. Meanwhile, the Jets have the scariest defense in the NFL right now. They stifled the almighty Patriots and destroyed the Texans’ high-powered offense. They can dominate the clock with a good running game, and Mark Sanchez is following Ryan and Flacco in the mold of a rookie who refuses to look green.

Those other teams have more impressive recent history, and I think one of the reasons why many refuse to give the Jets their due is because of their lack of success this decade. But this is just a judgment on the 2009 season and there is definitely no better team — at least in the AFC — than the Jets.

It’s pretty clear which is the worst …

The Rams are certainly No. 32 in those power rankings. But the Browns are making a good case as to which team is more deserving of the No. 1 pick in the 2010 draft.

The worst 2-0 team is the Broncos, by far. The best 0-2 team is probably Carolina, but all of those teams are pretty bad.

Matthew Stafford is going to have some tough times, but he needs to stay under center

Matthew Stafford is going to have some tough times, but he needs to stay under center

The Detroit Lions have reached the point of no return with Matt Stafford. Talk about a quarterback change has already begun in the Motor City. It better stop because the Lions will accomplish nothing if they give in to the chatter. Look, Stafford can be this team’s savior, but the organization made a decision to throw a senior-year-skipping rookie into the fire right away when it probably knew that 2009 would be pretty similar to 2008.

They could have gone with Daunte Culpepper and let Stafford learn, much like Carson Palmer and Aaron Rodgers did when they first came into the league. But Detroit wanted to get an immediate return on its investment. There is nothing wrong with that choice, but there is a major risk of crushing Stafford’s confidence if the the team benches him.

Not everybody can be Mark Sanchez, another rookie QB who chose to forgo his senior season. And part of Stafford’s problems can be blamed on the lack of talent around him (that offensive line is atrocious), but the team has to let him fight through it for the good of the Stafford and the team’s future. The present is what it is.

With that being said, I think the Lions will win Sunday. That’s how pathetic the Redskins are. And that’s bad news for my fantasy team, which will be depending on Washington’s defense this weekend.

I would be scared if I was Flozell Adams. He may have two inches and 70 pounds on Justin Tuck, but I don’t doubt that Tuck will try to yank Flozell’s spine straight out of his back when they meet again. You’ve heard of killer instinct; that is Justin Tuck. He has the eyes of a man who knows what it feels like to force the life out of people.

Who was the more gutless defensive back this past weekend? The Lions’ No. 32, Anthony Henry, or the Seahawks No. 27, Jordan Babineaux? You decide. Watch the sorry efforts of Henry here and Babineaux here.

I’ve got to go with Babineaux because he let Frank Gore just glide right by him TWICE! At least Henry touched Adrian Peterson. It didn’t do much, but he made contact. Babineaux was just an open gate.

My new nickname for Delonte West? Terminator. I mean, it has to be because now whenever I think of Delonte, I’ll think of this. And that naturally leads to memories of this bounty of awesome. Maybe he was speeding because he was off to save the future of the human race?

Seriously, with as much coverage as there has been on the Plaxico Burress case, the lack of reporting here is stunning.

No mas! No mas!

No mas! No mas!

I ended up watching Mayweather-Marquez this past weekend. I didn’t want to, but I went to a house that ordered the fight, so I figured there is nothing wrong with some free boxing. But on a day in which boxing and MMA went head-to-head with marquee pay-per-views, I can definitely say I made a bad decision.

I didn’t see anything from the UFC PPV, but it doesn’t matter; it HAD to have been better than the four fights on that dreadful boxing card. Just boring and slow and lousy to watch. And now that we’ve seen Floyd Mayweather absolutely batter a shorter, smaller Juan Manuel Marquez, who wants to see him pick apart a shorter, smaller Manny Pacquiao? A lot of people will still buy it. Count me out. I’ll see what’s going on over at UFC. Or just save $50.

Hey, the NHL regular season starts in seven days!! Penguins win again. America’s indifference continues.

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    That picture of Ryan never fails to make me smile.

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