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Quick Fantasy Reactions From Week 7 in the NFL

Jake Delhomme

It's been funny for me. Not so much for Panthers fans

There are many good things that come out of all the wretched teams in the NFL right now. Comic relief is tops on that list. I mean, you couldn’t help but laugh while watching the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. You could basically predict when Jake Delhomme was going to throw an interception. In that moment, you feel as if you have a psychic gift.

But for fantasy purposes, these bad teams are more likely to play backups. Specifically, quarterbacks. Vince Young may be replacing Kerry Collins soon. Delhomme could finally be benched. Alex Smith is the new starter in San Fran. Josh Freeman may see time as a rookie. Ryan Fitzpatrick will get another start in place of Trent Edwards.

And somehow through all of this, JaMarcus Russell is still on the field. What’s not to like about Bruce Gradkowski anyway?

But the point is that if you are having problems at QB, there should be at least some starters available in your league who you can use as a bye-week fill-in or short-term bandage. They may not be very good, but in leagues such as mine that start two quarterbacks, every starting quarterback has value.

Here are some quick thoughts I have on every game in week seven.

Packers 31, Browns 3

For the love of God, sell high on Ryan Grant. Take that predictable effort against Cleveland and sell it for all it’s worth. His fantasy playoff schedule is not favorable.

It’s sad, but Greg Jennings just isn’t an every-week starter any longer. He got more looks and catches than Donald Driver against Cleveland, but it was all short stuff.

Tight end Jermichael Finley was starting to become a nice fantasy player, but it looks like he will be out a few weeks.

You don’t want any Browns player in fantasy. And apparently, some in Cleveland don’t want Eric Mangini.

Texans 24, 49ers 21

It was the right move to name Alex Smith the starting quarterback in San Francisco. All you needed was 30 minutes to see that no matter how much of a draft bust he is, he is still better than Shaun Hill.

To that point, I have to give Vernon Davis’ value a bit of a boost. He and Smith have a clear love connection. And next time, the Texans may want to cover a tight end who runs the skinny post.

Don’t let go of Glen Coffee just yet. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. Frank Gore did not look good against a beatable Houston defense.

The Texans should just stop running the ball. They can’t do it. It doesn’t work. Just stop. Please.

I still love Steve Slaton on those screens though.

Outside of Brees and the older Manning, there isn’t a QB I trust more in fantasy right now than Matt Schaub. That sounds weird, but the quality and quantity of weapons at his disposal is just unbelievable. It’s like the AFC edition of the New Orleans Saints. Not considering the matchup, I have no problem starting him over the likes of Brady and Rodgers.

Andre Johnson left with a bruised lung, but he should be OK. As the Arizona Cardinals can attest, Johnson is made of steel.

Chargers 37, Chiefs 7

To no one’s surprise, Larry Johnson has been told to stay away from the Chiefs. But he might have no reason to come back in a few days.

GO PICK UP JAMAAL CHARLES NOW!! Screw Shonn Greene, Alex Smith, Fred Davis, etc. Charles is the biggest pick-up this week and should be owned in all leagues. He is fast, quick and can catch passes well. He just needs to improve his ball-handling.

LaDainian Tomlinson. Ten carries inside KC’s 8-yard line. Nine times, he didn’t score and the one time he did, it was nullified by an illegal substitution penalty. He is cooked.

It’s stunning that the Chiefs are ranked just 27th against the pass. With the coverage they played, they should be ranked 35th. Yes, there is 32 teams in the league, but did they even know Vincent Jackson was on the field?

Colts 42, Rams 6

Colts: Great

Rams: Retractable

Keep an eye on injuries to Reggie Wayne and Donald Brown. It sounds like Wayne’s strained groin will be OK, but the news isn’t as optimistic with Brown.

Brown’s injury gives Joseph Addai’s value a bit of a boost, but he’s still a nice No. 2 RB. You shouldn’t really care about backups such as Mike Hart or Chad Simpson.

Steven Jackson ran hard and ran well. He’ll score one of these days, but he should be given a medal of honor for how well he is playing on this wretched team. He is really the only offensive threat on the Rams and is on pace for more than 1,800 total yards.

Sunday: Rams @ Lions. Be there!

Patriots 35, Buccaneers 7

Man, the British must be starting hunger strikes until they get an NFL team after this one. How exciting!!!

Or not.

We were all fooled again! This game taught us to never trust the Patriots’ running game (again). Everyone thought that Laurence Maroney would have a monster day. Instead, a cheap, late TD saved him from a four-point outing.

It was still better than BenJarvus Green-Ellis (seven carries, six yards).

Derrick Ward gets more carries than Cadillac Williams, but neither are very effective. Both guys should still be owned but not started unless you are completely desperate.

I’m still not buying into Antonio Bryant (two catches, 51 yards, touchdown), not with so much uncertainty at quarterback for the Bucs.

Adrian Peterson

Say hello to my newest desktop wallpaper

I say that the Bucs should just keep teaching Freeman and get him ready for 2010. If they play him in this lost season, I think they run the risk of messing with his confidence. Just continue to let Josh Johnson do what he can do and move on.

Steelers, 27, Vikings 17

I know you’ve seen this 10,000 times, but it never hurts to see this again. So pretty. And I love the primal scream at the end.

But Andre Johnson’s massacre still holds the advantage for clip of the year.

Brett Favre throws the ball 50 times in a game for the first time in 2006. Absolutely horrid play-calling by the Vikings, but fantasy owners like it.

How about Adrian Peterson receiving for 60 yards!? Could that mean less of Chester Taylor on third downs?

Sidney Rice leads the week in looks (14) and now has 312 receiving yards in the past two games. He’s a top-20 fantasy WR for the rest of the season, no doubt.

The likely absence of Bernard Berrian may hurt Rice a bit though.

Rashard Mendenhall ran for only 69 yards, but had just 10 carries. I’m not worried about him. With Willie Parker getting just one touch, Mendenhall is the clear No. 1 back in Pittsburgh and a decent No. 2 RB in fantasy.

I’m also not worried about Hines Ward (one catch, three yards). That’s mighty ugly, but just a bump in the road.

Bills 20, Panthers 9

Steve Smith gets 99 yards and fantasy owners celebrate? That’s how bad it’s gotten in Carolina. Continue to try to sell him for whatever. His week seven performance will probably end up being one of his best of the season.

If Delhomme is taken out of the starting lineup, you have to ask yourself if you really think Matt Moore or A.J. Feeley will mean better things for any Panthers wide receiver down the road.

Quick answer: Well, that’s a stupid question, idiot. Absolutely not.

Who is the bigger WR disappointment: Smith or Terrell Owens? I think it’s close, but it’s probably Smith. He was still considered a stud in August while many thought that Owens was over the hill. Owens has shown that he is not only over the hill, but he is tumbling down the side.

The Bills won, but Fred Jackson has to get more than five carries. It wasn’t like Marshawn Lynch played exactly like Eric Dickerson (17 rushes, 40 yards, TD).

Jets 38, Raiders 0

I have a lot to say about what may have been the worst game of the weekend.

You’ve probably asked the question before, but I’ll say it again: Do the Raiders watch their own game tape? I mean, just look at these two quotes about JaMarcus Russell.

From head coach Tom Cable: “I thought he was, for the first time, I thought he was really out of sorts early in the game.”

First time when? First time since Thursday’s practice? Since last week’s game ? He couldn’t have possibly meant first time all season. He has a 47.2 quarterback rating, people!!

And then from Russell on taking blame for a loss: “I don’t think it’s me personally, I really don’t. It’s a bad combination of one guy doesn’t do something right one time.”

First of all, that second sentence makes NO sense. And if you look at this video from 0:56-1:00, what about that play isn’t Russell’s fault????

I hate the Raiders, but talk like this just frustrates the hell out of me. But it’s the Raiders, so I should learn to expect it.

I haven’t seen a very gruesome angle to it, but there are some who compared Leon Washington’s leg injury to the one that ended Joe Theismann’s career. Washington’s lucky he is only 27 years old. He could be a “quick” healer. Still, there may be an outside chance his career is over.

Shonn Greene made a brilliant splash onto the scene Sunday, but he doesn’t do much to affect Thomas Jones’ value because they have pretty similar styles. Greene is still a good pick-up because he’ll probably get 10-15 touches per game.

I really liked what I saw out of Justin Fargas in this game (eight rushes, 67 yards). It’s a shame that he will probably take on a much smaller role once Darren McFadden returns from injury in a few weeks. It is clear that Fargas is the best running back in Oakland right now.

Are we really going to make a big deal about Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines? This is the most meaningless story of the month. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

The honeymoon is clearly over for Braylon Edwards (one catch, 14 yards). Oh, and the judge will see you now.

Bengals 45, Bears 10

Thanks for showing up, Chicago!

I’ll give Matt Forte ANOTHER pass this week. The Bears just couldn’t afford to run the ball after halftime.

You probably think this is a good time to sell high on Carson Palmer, but don’t. He has a ton of easy matchups coming up soon. He may not have another five-TD game, but he could be a top-5 QB in the season’s final six weeks. And that should also mean good things for Esteban Ochocinco

Cedric Benson: Fantasy stud. Man, that should make you feel dirty.

That’s another three-turnover game by Jay Cutler. He is certainly not in any trouble of losing his job, but he’s now not looking like the top-10 fantasy QB we thought he was a couple of weeks ago. Jay Cutler is not who we thought he was!

Cowboys 37, Falcons 21

Which surprise WR would you rather want? Sidney Rice or Miles Austin. I think it’s Austin. He has a bit more talent running alongside him to take away some attention and he just looks unstoppable right now. Four touchdowns and 421 yards in two games??? Disgusting.

The Cowboys’ running game is a horse race. Do your homework, pick your horse and hope for the best when they come to the line. I still like Barber the most out of the three, but it’s not a solid endorsement.

Tashard Choice didn’t get a carry because he had to stay into block the Falcons’ blitz. He needs to pray for another injury to Barber or Felix Jones if he wants to get some meaningful playing time.

Reggie Bush

Seriously scary athleticism

Michael Turner was decent (18 carries, 50 yards, TD) but he continues to show how he was not worth the No. 2 pick in your draft. And he still has about five or six tough matchups left on his schedule.

Saints 46, Dolphins 34

Reggie Bush is still overrated in fantasy, but I don’t think you can make enough out of his jump to the end zone on Sunday. Kid FLEW six yards!

Lance Moore, Jeremy Shockey and Devery Henderson are fine receivers, but with so many hands available in the Saints’ passing game, they aren’t dependable. Only Marques Colston is an every-week start out of this whole group.

Pierre Thomas gets eight carries for 30 yards; Mike Bell gets 12 carries for 80 yards. I’m cautious right now, but I’ll wait one more week before completely panicking about Thomas.

With everything I am saying, it’s hard to believe the Saints won this game.

Ted Ginn is probably headed to the bench after another horrible game, which included this inexcusable gaffe.

Ronnie Brown is a must-start. But I wouldn’t mind looking out there to see what I could get for Ricky Williams after a three-touchdown game. I’m still not a believer in him, even though he handles the ball about 15-20 times a game.

Cardinals 24, Giants 17

Finally, Beanie Wells overtakes Tim Hightower. We knew at the beginning of the season that he was the better runner but injuries slowed him. Now he’s a must-add and I think he is going to have a good second half. Except for a week 13 meeting against the Vikings, the rest of his schedule is absolutely delightful.

Steve Smith got 10 targets, but only caught four balls for 69 yards. But at least Eli Manning is looking for him again after a couple of negligent games.

Before you hype out Hakeem Nicks for a great game, make sure you know that he got had a healthy dose of luck on his side.

This seems to be a little too early for Eli Manning to start his annual late-season slump. But you know that’s still coming,so I would start looking for takers

Brandon Jacobs finally scored! I still think he will score 10 touchdowns this year.

Anquan Boldin does it again. He plays hurt and still puts up some solid numbers (75 yards). He’ll probably be questionable for the rest of the season, but at least it looks like he didn’t suffer a setback.

Jason Campbell

Hang wit 'em

Eagles 27, Redskins 17

So, was Sherman Lewis responsible for the Washington Redskins’ offensive protection breakdowns, six penalties, bad snaps or dropped passes? This team is not bad because of its coaches. It just has nothing on the offensive line and Jason Campbell is too hesitant in his decision-making.

Still, he needs to be this team’s quarterback, NOT Todd Collins. I can’t stress that enough.

With the offensive line ineffective and Campbell indecisive, no one in that Redskins’ passing game should be starting in your lineup. And the most dependable guy in that air attack is now hurt. At first, it sounded as if Chris Cooley was going to be out for the season with his broken ankle. But now?

Clinton Portis is trying his best, but he is not getting much help and those bone spurs on both of his ankles are going away. Much like with the Panthers’ Steve Smith, just get a fair return for them as soon as possible.

Can someone tell Jon Gruden that DeSean Jackson is not 21 years old? He must have stressed that three times during the broadcast. Jackson is 22 and is less than two months away from being 23. Always fact check, kids.

No matter his age, Jackson had a gigantic game and should be fine after spraining his foot, but Brian Westbrook is almost guaranteed to miss at least one game. LeSean McCoy, anyone?? I love McCoy as a solid flex start in almost any week if Westbrook is out.

Thanks for reading! I think it’s clear that I do not have enough tags for this post.

  1. October 29, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    The newsroom almost collectively shit its pants when Bush made that play.

    It was, simply put, fucking amazing.

    We ran it front of the section, and the best part was, he jumped so high and so far, the photog got him mid-air, arm outstretched, and there is not a Miami player around him.

    It was insane-crazy.

    • spokes310
      October 29, 2009 at 1:55 pm

      I don’t think it got enough air time. It was probably the most impressive play of the weekend, more than what Peterson did. Unfortunately, it also gave people the idea that Reggie Bush is a good NFL running back, which is false. Tremendous athlete though.

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