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A Couple Lower-Profile NFL Midseason Awards

We’re about to embark in week 10 of the NFL season … but we’re not there yet! So in my mind, it’s still the midseason.

And instead of letting you know who I think is the NFL MVP (as long as the Colts stay undefeated, it’s Peyton Manning), Rookie of the Year (Percy Harvin. I’m probably going to be wrong on that one) or fantasy’s MVP (Some like Aaron Rodgers, but I’ d say Matt Schaub because he has very comparable stats and was drafted at least a few rounds later. Oh, and I have Schaub on my team, so yeah, I’m slightly biased there).

You’ve already heard all that. There’s no reason for me to pile on.

But there were two categories that didn’t seem to get the press they deserved and while I’m not exactly NFL.com, I would like to point them out.


In Week eight, Ed Reed leveled Knowshon Moreno. Good hit. A little off center, but a good hit. Now, it didn’t deserve to make SportsCenter’s Top 10 of best NFL plays during that weekend, but it did because of the high-profile players involved.

Yet, there was another play in that week that many didn’t seem to recognize. Maybe because it starred Lions seventh-round rookie Zack Follett and Rams undrafted free agent Danny Amendola on a kickoff. But this is a hit.

Amen, Zack! In case you didn’t already figure, Amendola is expected to return to the Rams this week after missing last week’s game due to a concussion. I know, what a shock.


This is near to my heart because sports writers are always looking for that great, exciting, out-of-the-box quote to put into your stories. There are a lot of great speakers in the NFL, but one of them was never considered to be Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

So, as he describes Brett Favre’s latest injury a couple of weeks ago, watch and listen to how simple coach speak can be turned into something so much more.

Hold it … rub it.” Childress should just start announcing the injury report for all teams. That deep voice makes a simple muscle strain seem so damn sensual.

Hip? Groin? Whatever. You know it’s all part of the “lower chain”, right? I always massage my lower chain when I’m feeling achy. You never want it to stiffen up.

I think this is how Favre strained his groin.

I also love how the Childress’ biggest worry over Favre aggravating his groin was with how he was going to kill deer that week. I wish I could comment on that further, but that’s just a completely different walk of life, ladies and gentlemen.

"Yep, from the way he's limping, you can tell that is definitely a lower chain injury."

So there you have it. A mediocre attempt by me to follow the group with this midseason award hoopla. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The best thing I can say is that at least we are into the second half of the season … riiight … aboooout ….. now.

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