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Quick Fantasy Reaction From Bears-49ers

Jay Cutler

That's how his fantasy owners looked like on Thursday

I’ve been trying to find a way, but hey, here’s a good way to make my periodic posts on the week’s NFL action shorter: Play one game each day. That would really help me out. I can do one game per day during the week. Then on Sunday, we’d only have about 10 games? Cake.

Maybe more bye weeks would help as well.

Here’s what I took away from Thursday’s game:

Oh, what a week to trade Jay Cutler! Like I said in my week 9 recap, I traded Cutler earlier this week. The early results are in and, ummmm … I’m feeling good about my decision.

Now, in Cutler’s defense, his second and fourth picks were absolutely not his fault. Devin Hester slipped during his route on the second and Mark Roman clearly interfered with Kellen Davis on No. 4. But does that really lessen the pain at all? How much better do you feel with three picks instead of five? And those other three picks were blatantly bad decisions/horrible throws. His throw to Michael Lewis that ended the game may have been his most accurate pass of the night.

Sure, Cutler’s propensity for turnovers (he has now thrown 37 interceptions in his last 27 games) was a factor in why I traded him, but it was really more about obtaining Kurt Warner and his glorious late-season schedule than getting rid of Cutler. It is hard to believe that he has more interceptions this year than Jake Delhomme, but I think that he’s still a fine fantasy quarterback and will continue to be a fine start in my book, albeit high risk, high reward. Historically, when Cutler has a pretty bad game (two picks or more), he rebounds well.

Matt Forte‘s 161 total yards is misleading. He’s not going to catch for 120 every week and his rushing yards were pretty putrid (20 carries, 41 yards). So take this effort and enjoy. And while you’re at it, try to work a deal. Forte hasn’t been able to find much room behind that disappointing O-line this season and still has the Packers, two meetings against the Vikings and a road game at Baltimore on his schedule. His name value is still worth something, even if it’s 75 cents on the dollar. That’s more than what he will give you in these final seven weeks.

Greg Olsen goes from three touches to just 75 yards, but he was looked for often. Hester caught seven passes for 48 yards. The Niners did a pretty good job of limiting Hester by shutting down the wide receiver screens. They were both victims of Cutler’s mistakes tonight.

You probably have known this for a couple weeks now, but Hester and Olsen are the only Bears’ receivers that anyone should care to own. Johnny Knox‘s early success is long gone. Earl Bennett should be ignored, too.

Alex Smith may have stolen the moniker of “Captain Checkdown” from Jason Campbell. He was absolutely pathetic in his reads. He panicked under any pressure and refused to keep his eyes down the field. No Niners wide receiver here is ever a stable start, including Michael Crabtree. Smith just doesn’t view the whole field.

You knew that after everything Vernon Davis had said during the week that the Bears were going to do everything they could to shut him down (or up, actually). That’s just the way football works. A wide receiver runs his mouth about a lack of looks? He’ll score the following week. An offensive skill player talks smack about an opposing defense? Have fun in triple coverage.

Davis got a lot of free releases off the line and while I’m not sure of how Chicago was guarding him, three catches for 16 yards certainly isn’t much. He also suffered because of Smith’s nervousness, but he’s still a must-start going forward.

The fantasy stud of this game was obviously Frank Gore. He got a season-high 25 carries and for a player who is prone to injuries, he looked fully healthy on all of them. He’s a great No. 2 back going forward and a fringe No. 1 in some leagues. Plus, he has some cozy matchups on the way.

This was probably the most resistance Frank Gore faced all night

Just maybe I should stop using the work “Quick” in the title of these posts.

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