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Week 10 in Fantasy Football: A Very Sh!tty Week


Michael Turner has a high ankle sprain! Crap!

Ronnie Brown has multiple foot injuries! Excrement!

Brian Westbrook may be out for the season after suffering another concussion! Bile!

Yes, it was a feces-like day for fantasy owners in week 10. But more than those injuries, Maurice Jones-Drew robbing you (and himself) of six points, or Bill Belichick’s-gutsy-but-understandable fourth-down play call, this highlight analysis by Dan Marino tops the pile.

I love it.

But in the last couple of months, we’ve had announcers draw scrutiny for a joke about tacos and, of course, running from the cops (because you can never see it enough). And yet, I’ve heard very little about this, which I would consider the worst offense of the three. Maybe it’s because no one cares to watch studio halftime shows. Maybe it was just a slight slip. It doesn’t matter that much to me, but when two announcers have been pretty much forced to apologize for a joke, shouldn’t another announcer, even if he is an NFL Hall of Famer, have to do the same when he drops one of the seven dirty words on live TV, even if was just an accident?

Panthers 28, Falcons 19

I had the pleasure of facing Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith in fantasy this week. So, of course, they had their best outings of the season. Smith caught two touchdowns and was stopped one yard short of a third after a 19-yard reception. Delhomme finished just his second game without committing a turnover all season. But this offense is still run-heavy. The Panthers ran the ball on close to 60 percent of their plays Sunday. Thus, both Delhomme and Smith will be inconsistent options going forward, no matter the matchup. Their performance says more about the soft Atlanta pass defense. Perhaps another Steve Smith scores twice in week 11.

Two more touchdowns for Jonathan Stewart!? OK, that’s six touchdowns in his past six games and he is looking like a decent No. 2 RB in deeper leagues. I do fear trusting him a bit because there are going to be a few games of less than 50 yards as well. Even though he was listed as questionable to play, DeAngelo Williams

For the first 20 minutes of this game, Michael Turner looked to be well on his way to a 200-yard game. And then he took a shot to his right ankle and now he may be on his way to a two-week absence, at least.

Jason Snelling looked very good in relief and becomes a must-own player. The Falcons are still a running team. Snelling doesn’t have Turner’s speed (and it’s a good thing because nothing that is synonymous with fast rhymes with Snelling), but he is a big back who will get goal-line carries and plenty of touches. He’s also an adequate receiver.

There’s still no word on when Jerious Norwood will return from a hip injury to re-claim his role as the team’s No. 2 running back.

Matt Ryan seemed to panic a little bit without Turner behind him, but for whatever the reason, this was his fifth consecutive sub-par game. Ryan’s remaining schedule isn’t friendly to quarterbacks, but I’ll give him one more week — a game against a Giants defense with a terrible secondary — before I really start to panic.

Good to see Roddy White overcome the tough matchup and a bum knee to catch seven passes for 98 yards.

Dolphins 25, Buccaneers 23

Ronnie Brown is definitely out for Thursday's game and maybe longer

Now with Brown hurt, Ricky Williams becomes the only viable fantasy play on the Dolphins. Williams should get a ton of work this Thursday against a bad Carolina rush defense (see above: Michael Turner). But the question is how long will Brown be out of action. At first, it looked like he suffered an ankle injury, but now the news seems a little worse and he has doctors looking at his foot. If he has a mid-foot sprain, that could have him on the shelf for a few weeks. Upgrade Williams accordingly.

It looks like Tampa Bay has their quarterback for the next decade in Josh Freeman. He isn’t a fantasy commodity right now and needs to hang onto the ball more (six fumbles in three games), but he looks to be blossoming into a star in a few years. Look at this throw to Maurice Stovall. That is mega-pretty.

Other than Freeman, Kellen Winslow is the only other skill position player who had a nice day for Tampa Bay. He will be inconsistent as Freeman has ups and downs, but as a tight end, you could do a lot worse. He may be a top-10 play for the rest of the season. But still, not a soldier.

Derrick Ward returns to doing nothing. And just when he was getting your hopes up after scoring last week, right??? Whatever. Disregard him, please.

Cadillac Williams scored a short touchdown, but it was just his third this season and he hasn’t run for more than 80 yards in any game since week one. He’s hardly a top-25 running back and will probably continue get more respect than he deserves from defenses with Freeman at QB.

Vikings 27, Lions 10

OK, I think I’ve finally gotten a beat on the Vikings’ offensive playbook:

Play 1: Have Brett Favre roll out and chuck it up to Sidney Rice.

Play 2: Let Adrian Peterson do the rest.

Rice caught seven balls for 201 yards. … 201 YARDS?? HOLY JESUS!! He is becoming a stud. If only he could score a few more touchdowns.

Unfortunately, he’s becoming the only Vikings receiver worth starting. Bernard Berrian turned in another dud.

Visanthe Shiancoe caught three balls for 43 yards, but he’s never going to give you many fantasy points unless he scores.

The most positive part of this game from a fantasy standpoint for the Lions was that Calvin Johnson had eight receptions for 84 yards. He looks completely recovered from his week five knee injury and I would say that he is a must-start going forward, even though he has just one touchdown this season. He’s just too talented.

As expected, Kevin Smith didn’t do much against the Vikings, but at least he averaged more than four yards per carry. He should be fine next week against the Browns.

Jaguars 24, Jets 22

With all of the heat that Bill Belichick is getting this week for a questionable decision, Jones-Drew expects the most criticism. When Brian Westbrook took a knee at the 1-yard line, the Eagles were ahead of the Cowboys, 10-6. When MJD stopped one yard short of his second touchdown Sunday, the Jaguars were losing. I understand that there was still 1:48 left, but leaving it up to a field goal situation is risky. Last night, we saw the Browns block an extra point. That’s basically what the Jaguars had to convert for a win. There could have been a bad snap, bad hold, possible block, possible shank, penalty, etc. That’s too many risks for a team to take points off the board, especially when you are still losing.

At least he did apologize to his fantasy owners. Many of them are surely pissed off (Not me! I was facing MJD this week and because of his decision, I ended up winning this week by one point!), but let’s put it in perspective. This occurred in week 10. Westbrook’s non-touchdown occurred in week 16, which is the championship week in many leagues and directly decided the winner in some of them. MJD made a play similar to Westbrook’s, but for fantasy purposes, they can’t really be compared. One touchdown in week 10 isn’t going to make you lose a league. Or at least it shouldn’t, unless you are the Dick Jauron of fantasy football.

No hard feelings, right?

In other news, Mike Sims-Walker was basically shut down by Darrelle Revis for most of the day … and then he had one play matched up against Lito Sheppard and made up for a rather pedestrian day. I’m not sure what that end zone dance is, but that’s neither here nor there.

I thought Mark Sanchez would have a nice game against a beatable Jacksonville secondary, but he was very underwhelming. There were some costly drops, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he and Kerry Collins are now the only quarterbacks to throw multiple interceptions against the Jaguars. With all the bye weeks over, Sanchez is basically an injury replacement from here on out. As a comparison, I would have more faith in David Garrard, who was very acceptable again.

Thomas Jones scored a short touchdown. Note that he has a very comfortable schedule for the rest of the season.

Braylon Edwards had more yards than Jerricho Cotchery, but Cotchery had twice as many receptions and a touchdown. He is the No. 1 WR in this offense, no doubt. By the way, Edwards also lost a fumble on one of his three catches. And can you really trust someone with these kind of hands?

That’s two nice games in a row for Dustin Keller. He has 14 catches, 134 yards and a touchdown in the past two contests. He was a bust early on this season, but Sanchez is starting to look for him more (or starting trust his wideouts less. You decide).

Bengals 18, Steelers 12

Oh, this was a tough game to watch … and this was just the third-most boring game of the weekend. There are not many stats to talk about here, but it is worth noting the low outputs from Rashard Mendenhall and Hines Ward. Still, I’m not too worried about either player. This was just a celebration of great defensive football.

The biggest news coming out of this game is the status of running back Cedric Benson. He burned many owners with a 22-yard day, but that’s because he left in the first half with a strained hip. But, unlike the other running backs who came out of week 10 injured, his injury doesn’t sound serious. He will be a game-time decision, but I would expect him to play.

So the Bengals went out and signed Larry Johnson on Monday. His fantasy value? Well, it’s better than it was a week ago. Bernard Scott should be picked up, though. He is clearly Benson’s primary backup.

There were not a lot of good performances in this game, but I’m not worried about anyone here. Although, you should continue to temper your expectations of quarterbacks who are facing the Bengals’ pass defense.

Saints 28, Rams 23

There were a lot of letdowns by favored teams on Sunday (Broncos, Jets, Falcons, Steelers), but this was close to being the biggest upset of the season. A part of that was due to the fact that the Saints’ secondary was decimated by injury, but this was still the best performance out of the Rams’ passing game all season. And a lot of it just screams “Fluke!” to me.

Donnie Avery with two touchdowns? Hahahaha! Oh, that’s a funny one.

Rookie Brandon Gibson with seven catches for 93 yards? No thanks.

Either way, you can’t doubt Steven Jackson. He recorded his third consecutive game of more than 100 rushing yards and scored for the second straight week. And on his way to those numbers, I think he killed a Saint or two. He looks like he is playing for a playoff team. It would be so easy for him to give up this season, but he is tremendous. Imagine what he would be doing on a team with some actual talent.

Reggie Bush is trying his best to become a No. 2 RB in fantasy, but I still can’t buy it. Maybe I’m being too strict, since he scored two more times Sunday, giving him five touchdowns in the past five weeks. But in those games, he has only 35 touches. There is no doubt that he has been very good around the goal line, but this is getting ridiculous. He is not that type of player and is still just a flex play right now.

Mike Bell: eight carries for 30 yards. He’s done. He has become the third option around the goal line. He used to be No. 1 in that area. Now he just gets spare carries of no real meaning.

Pierre Thomas had 11 carries for just 37 yards. Against the Rams, it was a very disappointing game, but I’m going to write it off as just a bad week. Thomas had scored in the three previous games before week 10 and is still getting about 15-18 touches a game. Bush is getting half of that, so Thomas is still the clear favorite in the Saints’ backfield.

Of course, Thomas’ game wasn’t nearly as bad as Marques Colston. Two catches, 17 yards and he lost a fumble trying to jump into the end zone. Ugh!! He now has just three catches in the past two games, but the real alarming number is that he only had two targets in this game. It’s not as if the Rams’ pass defense is to the caliber of Carolina’s or the Jets’. This is a little concerning, but you still have to start him. It could be just a slump. Let’s see what he can do this week against another poor pass defense: Tampa Bay.

Titans 41, Bills 17

Chris Johnson

In this photo, you can see Chris Johnson Chris Johnsoning to the Chris Johnson zone

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson!!

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson.

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson … JUST IMAGINE WHAT WOULD BE SAID IF GUS JOHNSON CALLED THIS GAME … Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson.

Chris Johnson? Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Chris Johnson.

Oh, and the Bills finally have a scapegoat. Frankly, Jauron should have been fired after a debacle last season when Buffalo would have won a road game against the Jets, but instead of running the clock out, he let J.P. Losman drop back to pass and the Meadowlands saw how it felt to be on the fortunate side of a Joe Picarcek-like blunder.

Meanwhile, for this season’s standards, Terrell Owens had a great game (three catches, 85 yards). He also had another drop that directly led to a Tennessee touchdown. Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson continue to split carries evenly and crush each other’s value. Lee Evans had two touchdowns, but just four catches for 50 yards and one of those scores was thrown by Jackson.

It’s not quite the Browns, but this offense has almost zero fantasy potential. Other than Evans, who has shown some decent chemistry with new starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, I would want none of these guys on my team.

Redskins 27, Broncos 17

At the start of the season, I predicted that the Broncos would be one of the worst teams in the AFC. Well, it’s taken some time, but they are starting to display that form. Yeah, you can put a lot of the blame on Chris Simms, who you want no part of for fantasy and, for the Broncos’ sake, hopefully won’t be needed this week against the Chargers.

But that defense is getting carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey on the ground lately. They have allowed 353 rushing yards to starting running backs in their past three outings, including 114 to Ladell Betts on Sunday in what was his first start since 2006. Suddenly, this is a defense that you can run on with ease now.

For reference, the Broncos will have to face LaDainian Tomlinson and Brandon Jacobs in their next two games. Those are two backs who have been fairly unsatisfying this season. Let’s see how they do against Denver’s front.

Brandon Marshall had two catches, 115 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter. His value will plummet if Simms starts.

The Broncos found the mind they lost last week and gave Knowshon Moreno and he turned that into a respectable 97 yards. Nice to see Correll Buckhalter get out of Moreno’s way with just two carries.

I liked Betts entering this game, but even 120 yards and a touchdown was a little more than I expected. He got 27 touches, so it’s obvious that the Redskins will trust him for however long Portis is out, which seems to be the foreseeable future.

Chiefs 16, Raiders 10

So after all that speculation during the week of who would be the Chiefs’ main running back — Jamaal Charles, Kolby Smith, Dantrell Savage — the team made the right call, the call they should have made in the first place.

Charles touched the ball 22 times for 117 total yards, including a nice 44-yard touchdown. Smith had nine carries for 12 yards, and Savage lost a fumble and gained nothing but an ankle injury.

I’ve said it for a couple of weeks, but Charles is clearly the most talented back in Kansas City now. I can see Smith maybe getting some goal-line carries because while they are the same height, Smith is 20 pounds bigger than Charles. But Charles is quicker, faster, probably a better pure runner and a much better receiver. He should get 15-20 touches a week, no question. And considering that Kansas City has the easiest strength of schedule for running backs the rest of this season, Charles is going to be extremely valuable down the stretch.

Dwayne Bowe had a nice game with six catches for 91 yards … BUT THERE IS BREAKING NEWS!!! Dwayne Bowe has been suspended by the league for four games for violating the NFL’s rules against performance-enhancing substances.  Move Chris Chambers up your rankings slightly, but with the byes over with, you shouldn’t start him if you can help it. Bowe has been this team’s most consistent producer this year, but now he will be out until week 15.

The Raiders are obviously a mess and now that Darren McFadden is back, the one position where some Raiders are looked at for fantasy goodness is becoming very muddled.

As if the Chiefs weren't bad enough ...

McFadden got just four carries for 11 yards against KC. But I think he will get more as he works himself back to full strength.

Justin Fargas, who has been the team’s best RB  for the past month, gained 41 yards and a score on 10 carries. Not bad.

But it was Michael Bush who shocked us all with 16 touches for 129 total yards. Now, 60 of those yards did come on one big run, in which he got tripped up inside the 5-yard line, but 16 touches??? He hadn’t had more than 12 in any game all season. Oy vey! Going forward, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen here, but since I’m included with anyone, I’ll say that McFadden will be the running back that I want for the rest of the season. I think Fargas will get the most fantasy points in the very short term and Bush’s explosion was just a fluke.

We’ll see how this shakes out in week 11, but none are a great play against the Bengals.

Cardinals 31, Seahawks 20

The Cardinals’ passing offense did what it was supposed to do. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald had very nice games. Anquan Boldin returned from his ankle inury with a purpose as he gained 105 yards on a team-high eight catches. And even with Boldin back, Steve Breastson was targeted often. He scored once and would have had a second touchdown if not for a holding penalty. And was that the Lights Out dance?

But it’s Arizona’s running game that deserves the attention. Tim Hightower ran well early, but it was Beanie Wells who was the finisher. He got more carries in the fourth quarter and ran with tremendous power. He was bouncing off guys and shoving them out of his face. He looked more authoritative than Hightower. He looked like the better running back.

And he probably is. There is a reason why he was a first-round draft pick. Hightower will stay on the field often for the Cardinals because the team does want him to keep starting for his blocking and receiving skills. But Beanie is clearly the best running back in Arizona and should be viewed as such from a fantasy perspective for the rest of the year.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh tried to make up for his rather disappointing season all in one week. Nine catches, 165 yards and maybe most importantly for his future this season, 17 targets. Meanwhile, Nate Burleson, who had more yards, catches and targets than T.J. coming into this game, got shut out. Obviously, that’s not going to happen every week. He still had five targets, so I am not worried about Burleson. And while Housh is merely a possession receiver, I really like his prospects for the rest of the season after this performance. His good chemistry with Matt Hasselbeck has really been on display in the past two weeks.

Tight end John Carlson catches a touchdown, but it was his only catch of the day and the ball was thrown to him only because no one was within 15 yards of him. Carlson was supposed to be a great sleeper tight end this year. But after his tw0-touchdown effort in week one, he just kept sleeping.

Julius Jones left this game early with what was initially reported as a broken rib but later turned out to be a bruised and bleeding lung with a possible cracked rib. Still, he seems unlikely to play this week against Minnesota. This means that Justin Forsett becomes a must-have in almost all leagues. He ran with great quickness against the Cardinals, racking up 123 yards and a touchdown on just 17 carries. He also had five receptions for 26 yards. Jones may be back soon, but he really doesn’t deserve to start anyway. Forsett has only 37 carries this year, but he deserves a lot more with the way he has run — 6.6 yards per carry average this season. Jones is averaging just 3.7 yards per with his 107 carries. Plus, Forsett is faster and a better receiving back.

Forsett may not get the chance he deserves this season, but you should definitely pick him up just in case he does.

That said, he’s not a great play against that tough Vikings front this Sunday.

Packers 17, Cowboys 7

Welcome to my analysis of the second most-unwatchable game from this past weekend. Just when you thought that the defenses weren’t safe, both of them turned out to be quailty fantasy starts in this game.

There really isn’t much to talk about here. On the Green Bay side, Aaron Rodgers was rather efficient and had two touchdowns. Donald Driver and Greg Jennings were basically the same (Driver: four catches for 50 yards. Jennings: four catches for 45 yards), so nothing got solved there. Ryan Grant gets 87 total on 21 touches.

Again, it was pretty unwatchable.

Tony Romo had 251 yards passing and a score, but also committed two turnovers. None of the Dallas running backs did anything of significance, but at least Marion Barber got the most carries … which he should, but you would think that they would give him more than five. Maybe that will change this weekend against the Redskins.

What was peculiar was that while Miles Austin was limited to just 20 yards on four catches, Roy Williams had 105 yards and a touchdown on five catches. Those numbers either match or set a season-high for the Cowboys’ “Number one” receiver. I think the attention being given to Austin lately — he has just five catches in his past two games — has made Williams more open and appealing to Romo. That’s got to be the reason why he has accumulated nearly 42 percent of his yards and catches in the past two games.

Of course, Williams still had a critical drop and lost a fumble. I’m glad his ability to be crappy hasn’t completely dissolved yet.

Also, Austin is still the best receiver in Dallas and will be for the rest of the season. No worries there. Williams is just not good enough.

Chargers 31, Eagles 23

Well, the big story out of this game really doesn’t have much to do with football. First, the Eagles need to make sure that Brian Westbrook is OK. Like, OK to live a full, unrestricted life. Not just OK to play in a game. Westbrook suffered his second concussion in four games and his prospects for the rest of this year now seem bleak. We should know more Wednesday.

I certainly think he won’t play for the rest of the season. I would let him take this offseason to think about his life and career — don’t forget that Westbrook recently talked about being concerned that these concussions will affect him after he has retired — and if he wants to play again, great. If he doesn’t, let him retire on his own terms and not when his body forces him.

With Westbrook out, LeSean McCoy becomes an easy No. 2 fantasy running back. He has played well in place of Westbrook this season and can also catch passes.

The Eagles spent most of the day flinging the pill all over the yard. Donovan McNabb finished with 450 yards and a couple of scores. So obviously, players such as DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek and Jeremy Maclin had very usable days. But Jason Avant with eight catches and 156 yards? That nearly doubled his season total in yards. I’m not buying at all, but I’d keep tabs on him. You never know.

Now THIS looks like the LaDainian Tomlinson we know. Damn, his wife should get pregnant every week!

But, I disagree with the announcer on that video. Tomlinson is not back. He is who we think he is: Old. Or at least older. He had a good game. Now see if you can get something for it.

Philip Rivers had another very solid game, but Vincent Jackson catches just one 10-yard pass. Hey, look up what he’s done this season and in recent weeks. No complaining if you own him, OK?

Colts 35, Patriots 34

I’ve linked to a lot of highlights in this post, but I am not going to direct you to that fourth-and-2 play. I can’t afford to see that again. My vision is already kind of blurry and I have a headache from seeing it 349 times.

Seriously, it was only week 10. The coverage being given to this makes it seem like this occurred in the AFC Championship game.

When I first saw that the Patriots were going to go for it on fourth down, I was certainly surprised, but it wasn’t like I was screaming, “What is Belichick doing?” It was a gutsy call, but it was only considered a bad call because it didn’t work.

If I had Randy Moss and Wes Welker on my team, I certainly wouldn't be looking first to Kevin Faulk to convert on a game-winning fourth down

In that fourth quarter, the Colts scored two touchdowns. Both came on 79-yard drives and both took less than 2 minutes. What’s to say that Peyton Manning and Co. couldn’t do that again? So, Belichick put the game on Tom Brady‘s shoulder. It just didn’t work out. Again, if Kevin Faulk had gotten that first down, people would be hoisting Belichick on their shoulders all around New England. Analysts would be saying what a great call that was and how that’s the stuff that makes Belichick one of the greatest coaches ever.

But it didn’t happen. So now he’s an idiot.

The only problem I have with the play is the execution. I mean, Kevin Faulk? Not a fade or comeback route to Randy Moss on 5-foot-10-inch rookie cornerback in Jacob Lacey? And did you see how wide open Wes Welker was on that play!?

The play call was fine. The selection on the play was dreadful and should be criticized more than the decision to go for it in the first place.

And if you are Patriots cornerback Jonathan Wilhite on that last play by the Colts, don’t worry about interfering with Reggie Wayne. Tackle him if you have to! With just 14 seconds left and at the 1-yard line, the down doesn’t matter. Make the Colts snap it again. A number of things could have taken place.

Anyway, for fantasy purposes, everyone who you thought would have a good game basically did. Wayne and Moss were beasts. Both QBs tore it up. Joseph Addai continued to solidify his position as a top-15 running back with another multi-score game.  Pierre Garcon caught a touchdown, but Austin Collie had more receptions and both were looked to frequently (Garcon had 12 targets. Collie had nine).

Laurence Maroney got 13 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown, but Faulk got 12 carries himself and turned those into 79 yards. Much of that came after Maroney was benched for fumbling at the goal line. This is situation will become more confusing to follow once Sammy Morris returns, which could be this week.

Ravens 16, Browns 0

By far, the worst game of week 10 was the last one. It started out horribly with an injury on the opening kickoff, followed by a long replay review that shouldn’t have taken place, followed by the Ravens calling three timeouts within the first 7 minutes. (sigh).

For the Browns, Brady Quinn didn’t do much, as expected. But both of the interceptions he got credited for went off receivers hands. Tough luck. Not like it would have helped much, though. You know the Browns are horrible. Moving on …

Ray Rice maybe didn’t have the game that you expected him to have against Cleveland (104 total yards, one score), but it was good enough. I say that because it was good enough to give me that one-point win.

The only notable takeaway from this game is the lack of success from Joe Flacco. He was on fire early this season, but this was his third consecutive game with less than 200 yards passing, and he has thrown just one touchdown in that time. With two remaining games against the Steelers, plus a road game against the Packers and a meeting with the Colts, I’m not optimistic on Flacco for many of the following weeks. That will obviously have an effect on the only Ravens receiver you need to care about: Derrick Mason (three catches, 78 yards).

Ray Rice was pretty much the only reason why footage of the television broadcast of Ravens-Browns won't be incinerated

That’s it for this week. I would like to thank you for reading and ESPN for its 24 hours of college basketball keeping me company while I wrote this. For those of you who tuned in, wasn’t it cool to see live college basketball in the middle of the night? I don’t care if was Monmouth and St. Peter’s. Just the fact that it was live was so worth forcing yourself to wake up at 3 a.m.

On Thursday night, I’ll have a fantasy recap of the game between the Panthers and the Dolphins. Remember, no Ronnie Brown, so get him out of your lineup now or else you’ll be cursing at yourself later.

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