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Dolphins-Panthers Fantasy Recap: Sticky Icky Ricky Smokes Carolina

This smoke has real bits of panther in it

Remember when Ricky Williams used to be just a joke? With all of his weed and living in Grass Valley, California and such? His career, much like a hippie with a full bowl, showed no signs of going anywhere.

He apparently put down the pot (or at least found around those pesky league drug exams) and returned in 2007 for just one game before getting injured after a full season away.

He’s been a serviceable sidekick to Ronnie Brown since 2008, but after Brown was lost for the season last week, many expected Ricky’s fantasy value to drastically increase. He was already a top-20 running back in a run-heavy offense. With maybe 10-12 more touches per game without Brown, he was looking at top-10. Tonight, he certainly made his case for No. 1 in week 11.

Williams had his best fantasy outing since 2002. Of course, guess who was facing him in his fantasy league tonight? Two thumbs toward this kid! 138 totals yards and three touchdowns??? I need another drink.

Williams’ touches didn’t outrageously spike. He had 24 total touches. He had 22 last week. Lex Hilliard and Lousaka Polite chipped in with six and four touches, respectively. Going forward, this is the workload to expect from Williams. The production is obviously a bit of a fluke. He was fortunate to be going against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL and caught just the seventh touchdown of his career (again, I was soooooooooo lucky to face him THIS WEEK!). Despite his somewhat difficult schedule for the rest of  the season, 100-yard games should be norm, considering the opportunities he’ll receive.

Other notes from Thursday’s game …

  • I thought defenses were supposed to be at a disadvantage in these short-practice-week games. Yet, before a breakout fourth quarter tonight, just 33 points were scored in seven Thursday quarters. It’s been tough to watch and after the Thanksgiving trio next week, expect more of the same with … DRUMROLL …

… Jets at Bills! Good to know I won’t need my Ambien that night.

  • Please let me continue on my rant of being unlucky in fantasy football. Last week, I faced both Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith. As expected, they turned in their best performances of the season. On Thursday, Delhomme finally looked in the mirror and realized who is he: A third-rate NFL starting quarterback. He padded his stat line late, but completed just seven of his first 18 passes halfway through the third quarter. His offensive line didn’t show much support, (four sacks), but there were plenty of bad decisions and errant throws that were solely on him.
  • One of Delhomme’s mistakes was that he fell too in love to his outside men. That meant good things for Smith (14 targets, seven receptions, 87 yards and a score), but he repeatedly missed receivers and running backs who were wide open in the short middle of the field .
  • DeAngelo Williams had a very nice game, even though most of his 122 yards came on one run. Unfortunately, he and Jonathan Stewart saw a lot less action in the second half as Carolina was forced to play catch-up
  • I haven’t watched many Panthers games too intently though the course of the season, but it was perplexing to me that Tyrell Sutton, not Williams or Stewart, was the Carolina running back who saw the most playing time during the attempted comeback. No rushes, two catches, 18 yards.
  • There isn’t much to love for fantasy potential on the Dolphins outside of Williams, but whenever Chad Henne needed to complete a big pass, he went to Devone Bess. He recorded his fourth game with at least six receptions. He’s a pure possession receiver, but he’s clearly the No. 1 WR in South Beach and you at least you know that he’ll be looked to on a regular basis.
  • I don’t have DIRECTV, so if you think that Thanksgiving will keep me away from watching next week’s NFL Network game (Giants at Broncos) at a sports bar, you obviously have confused me for someone who cares about family get-togethers.
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