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You Need To See “The Blind Side”

If there is a leisure activity I enjoy more than watching sports, it’s watching movies. I guess that’s not such a good quaility since both largely consist of me sitting on my ass. But I have cerebral palsy, so I’m basically sitting on my ass while walking.

If a movie looks good, I’ll see it. Maybe it could get an Oscar nomination. If it looks bad, I’ll see it. I want to see if it’s so bad that it’ll make me laugh. That’s pretty much the reason why I’ll probably end up seeing “Twilight: New Moon” this weekend.

Last weekend, I saw five films in two days:

“2012”: As I said: “I want to see if it’s so bad that it’ll make me laugh.” I think I broke a rib while howling in this one.

“The Box”: Better than I expected, but it gets way too supernatural in the second half. Frank Langella is still tremendous.

“The Fourth Kind”: You’ve seen the trailer, right? OK, then you don’t need to pay to see the movie because you’ve already seen all of the best sequences.

“Paranormal Activity”: Pretty good, but all the hype made me think that this would be the scariest film ever. Not close. But it will force you to sleep now on with your feet under the covers.

“Where The Wild Things Are”: Took me a while, but it was definitely worth seeing. It’s just a lot of fun.

Michael Oher can crush up to 30 vampires

If you combine a true sports story into a movie, I am all over it. That’s one of the reasons why I saw “The Blind Side” this morning, one day after it’s national release. I have not read the best-selling book on which the movie is based, although I have been repeatedly told with vigor to do so. Considering that these are the stories I like to hear and write about most, I know I really should get on to reading that book.

Those who have read it will probably be disappointed in the film. Not for what it has, but for what it has to leave out. But that’s one of the drawbacks of the medium. You can fit only so much into 121 minutes, so there are some stories from the book that I’m sure are brushed over or completely left out.

Still, this is one of the best movies of the year. It’s extremely touching and poignant with a story that doesn’t seem possible unless it was indeed true. The adaptation of that story to the screen is very smooth. With the Oscars now including 10 films for Best Picture, I feel like this should be considered, if not in the top 10. Sandra Bullock plays the mother with an iron will, a heart of gold and the maternal instincts of a lion, Leigh Anne Tuohy. While the Southern accent is a little overwhelming at times, Bullock is perfect in this role. She’s on point in every shot. it’s probably her best performance since “Crash” and her best acting in a lead since … well, maybe ever. She is that strong.

Quinton Aaron gets his first big role (pun intended) as Michael Oher. He doesn’t have to do a lot here as an actor, but he does have a fantastic set of sad eyes that make you feel instantly sympathetic toward him. As we learn more about Michael, you feel that sadness inside of you. For that, Aaron is very effective.

Obviously, this is a sports movie, but this movie isn’t about sports. It’s about love and the meaning of family. And throughout the two hours, you will run the gauntlet of emotions. The first few minutes will make you cringe (and interestingly enough, contains an unusually large amount of Matt Hasselbeck. But those two things are totally unrelated). The film has some funny moments as Oher learns to fit in with a white, upper-class, Christian family and how to play left tackle. As a sports fan, I enjoyed the cameos by all of the college coaches who were recruiting Michael.

But at its end, when the credits start to roll and we get to see the Tuohy family, the real Michael Oher and everything he has accomplished, you will tear up if you are actually a human being. The reality hits you. I believe the last photo we see is of Michael and Leigh Anne embracing each other. By then, I knew I should have brought sunglasses to the theater.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to see that vampire film so that I can get all of the inside jokes I’ll hear from my friends for the next few months.

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