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Did An Infidelity Argument Lead to Tiger Woods’ Car Crash?

So by now, you’ve probably heard that Tiger Woods was injured in a car crash early Sunday morning. The initial reports stated that Woods was in serious condition, but he was later released in good condition with just some facial lacerations.

But how the hell did this happen? Granted, Tiger Woods has a big freaking driveway (second picture). But if alcohol wasn’t involved, how does someone get into a car crash in there own driveway is severe enough to deserve a trip to the hospital? You would think that with all his experience with golf carts, Tiger would be a great driver.

But maybe he was just pulling out of the driveway too aggressively after a fight with his wife over the rumors that Tiger is cheating on her. Tiger and and his wife, Elin, may have gotten into an argument over the rumors. He storms out of the house and in a fit of rage, doesn’t keep his mind on the road, hits a fire hydrant and ricochets into a tree.

Who knows if it’s true … but that link has the best caption ever written.

By the way, here is the alleged mistress. Not bad. But between her and Elin, I don’t think it’s too much of an upgrade. It could just be a “same meal, new plate” situation.

I know this makes me look no better than just another gossip rag, but there will be a lot of questions as to how this happened, because it seems so unreal right now.

Update: This story gets stranger. And this development of Elin breaking out Tiger’s back window with a golf club to drag him out of the car after the crash sounds like a ton of BS. When you hear a car crash, who the hell grabs a golf club? And why is she breaking back window? They say she didn’t try the driver’s side window because the doors were locked. THEN JUST BREAK THE WINDOW!

Anyone with a bit of common sense should see through this. Elin probably broke out that back window because she was pissed at Tiger. She may have tried to drag him out of the car, but not to save him. She wanted to beat his ass!

Next up, Albert Pujols is going to get hit in the head with a baseball bat.

  1. spokes310
    November 27, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    OK, so now the authorities are saying that the car crash was “minor.” That makes much more sense. The initial reports made it sound as if he was pin-balling around his driveway.

  2. b.
    November 28, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Tiger got married way too young: 28yrs old. That’s too damn young; especially for a famous, rich, sexy, brotha who’s constantly traveling. Simply too damn young with so much more to explore and experience in life.

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