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Jets-Bills Fantasy Recap: Feet First

Sometimes the smarter play just isn’t thought about. In baseball, I always wonder why fielders don’t drop infield pop-ups when there are runners on first and second with less than two outs. The batted ball is already an out. So if you let it drop, what’s the risk? Test the runners’ knowledge of the infield fly rule. If they run, it’s an easy double play. At the worst, there are now two outs.

But that play is rarely made because it’s just instinctual to catch a baseball coming down at you. In football, there is nothing natural about sliding feet first. You want to go forward, get every yard you can. You don’t accomplish that by slowing your momentum and sliding on your butt.

Today, people are questioning Mark Sanchez’s judgment to dive instead of slide on the play seen above, in which he sprained his right PCL. But there should be no blame here. He was just trying to make a play and get the first down. It’s just a more natural movement to a football player.

The Jets are optimistic that Sanchez will be ready to play in nine days against the Buccaneers. I remember that Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston came into this season with a sprained PCL. He missed one game, but obviously, Sanchez isn’t going to be running around like a wideout. This shouldn’t affect him too much.

If Kellen Clemens has to start in place of Sanchez, you shouldn’t want any part of him on your team, and it would also force a downgrade for all of the Jets’ receivers. The Jets ran 24 plays with Clemens at quarterback before they went into the victory kneel-down formation last night. The Jets ran the ball on 19 of those plays and three of the five passing plays ended with a sack. The Jets have a great matchup against the Bucs’ hapless secondary next week, but I can’t see why you would trust Braylon Edwards or Jerricho Cotchery in a league with fewer than 16 teams.

Of course, Edwards would have had a much prettier stat line if he didn’t let his facemask get in between him and a certain 84-yard touchdown reception. What a putz.

How I will remember Braylon Edwards

Thomas Jones ran all over the Bills, as he usually does. But given that this was the Bills’ run defense, I would think Jones’ fantasy owners are left a little sour after only 109 yards and no scores. Shonn Greene stole some of his thunder with 11 carries and 59 yards. I would expect that if Jones gets another 23 carries, he’ll find the end zone against the Bucs.

I know, way to go out on a limb.

The biggest story of the game outside of Sanchez’s injury was the interesting — and frustrating — development with the Bills’ running game. Last week, Fred Jackson supplanted himself as the team’s best runner over Marshawn Lynch. And again, Jackson got the majority of the carries — 13 to 6 — and he also caught three passes. But Jackson gained just 31 yards on the ground. Lynch had 60 and a touchdown! Jackson still looked like the better runner, but Lynch broke off consecutive big plays through the left side of the line, which resulted 50 of his yards.

Also, Lito Sheppard had no chance.

The Bills have a favorable matchup at Kansas City in week 14. Jackson is still the guy you want in this backfield. He’s quicker, a much better receiver and will touch the ball at a minimum of 15 times. But instead of him being a clear No. 2-type RB in 12-team leagues, I don’t think he is anything more than a solid flex because of what Lynch showed on two plays Thursday. Those two plays might lead to more carries for him down the stretch and then neither he or Jackson would be a confident play. Damn NFL running back timeshare

Buffalo’s passing game went pretty much as we expected. Darrelle Revis put the clamps on Terrell Owens — three catches, 31 yards. Owens also dropped another pass in the no-surprise news of the week.

Beware, Roddy White, Reggie Wayne and Chad Ochocinco. Revis is coming to shadow you soon.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was dreadful. He completed a nice pass to Lee Evans on the third play of the game. Aaaaaand … that was it. Fitzpatrick was just horrible. That was the only pass Evans caught. Both he and Owens should be fine to deploy against the Chiefs.

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