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Week 13 In Fantasy Football: Robert Meachem And His Non-Touchdown Touchdown

What do you see here? A defensive fumble recovery? An offensive touchown? Sean Payton distracting us from the focus of the photo?

It’s a rough estimate, but I’ve been to about 450 baseball games in my life. It is certainly the sport I love the most. I began learning how to score baseball games at the age of 6 and I score every game I attend (except for one!). I can score any play in baseball with little hesitation.

Football, I’m not really sure how to formally score it in writing, but it appears that the absolute craziness in Washington this past weekend is open to interpretation throughout fantasy football.

So what to do, what to do? Is it a touchdown for Robert Meachem or does it belong to the Saints’ defense after the change of possession? And do they get credit for a fumble recovery as well? Well, yes. It all depends on the league.

The official explanation is more simple than the play itself. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the official statistics company of the NFL, Meachem is supposed to be awarded a offensive fumble return touchdown with no yardage included. But for one example, CBSSports.com is giving the points to the defense.

There is apparently no universal scoring in fantasy. I’ve seen leagues today that still show the New Orleans defense being credited with a fumble recovery and/or a touchdown on that play. And I’ve seen them get nothing at all. More amazingly, I’ve seen other leagues — mine included — that didn’t give the touchdown to anyone, as if it didn’t happen. That seems grossly incorrect.

Of course, none of this would have happened if Redskins safety Kareem Moore had just gone down to the ground instead of fighting for yardage, but as I said last week after Jamaal Charles’ fumble versus San Diego, there is a fine line between commendably fighting hard for yards and trying to do too much.

Week 13 signifies either the start of or the week prior to the fantasy football playoffs in the large majority of leagues. Yet, there are many people who won’t be participating for a championship due to this very confusing play to score. Feel free to bitch if you were affected by this chaos.

To put a positive on it: For every loser, there is a winner. So there’s that, which is nice.

Because I got a late start on this week’s recap, this post is going to be very quick and to the point. WITH BULLETS!!

Eagles 34, Falcons 7

  • I’m still fine with LeSean McCoy as the No. 1 back in Philly and a No. 2 RB in fantasy. He killed plenty of playoff hopes this week with two rushing yards on six carries, but the Eagles’ offense just didn’t have to do much.
  • And when they did anything, it usually had something to do with Michael Vick. Forget it.
  • No matter how fluky it was to see Vick contribute two touchdowns, this was much worse.
  • Roddy White had 20 targets in this game. TWENTY! If you own Roddy, hope that Matt Ryan has a slow recovery.
  • DeSean Jackson said he will play this Sunday in a critical game against the New York Giants. That will hurt the value of Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant.

Panthers 16, Buccaneers 6

  • Josh Freeman threw five interceptions, four of which were picked off inside Carolina’s 10-yard line. Still, he made some nice throws for a 21-year-old who should be a college senior.
  • You’ve got to laugh at the results of Tampa Bay’s last seven possessions: Missed field goal, interception, punt (muffed by Carolina), interception (on the next play), interception, missed field goal, interception. Pick up defenses that play the Bucs!!
  • Jonathan Stewart did what should do against Tampa Bay and without DeAngelo Williams — 120 yards and a score. But know that Williams will probably get the majority of carries when he comes back.
  • Antonio Bryant — good lord! He did that to near same degree of difficultly about three or four times Sunday.

Bears 17, Rams 9

Too little and way too late

  • Yeah, Matt Forte got 91 yards rushing and a touchdown, but he also lost a fumble and it took him three tries from the two-yard line to score that touchdown. I was shocked that the Bears even decided to hand it off to Forte on the third down after he got stuffed twice. If that was Adrian Peterson with Brett Favre at QB, I’m sure Favre would have thrown it on first down.
  • Oh yeah, and Forte’s hurt and is probably going to lose carries over the final weeks of the season. But this shouldn’t have much impact. Fantasy owners of Forte probably saw their season end a long time ago.
  • Jay Cutler and Devin Hester are also dinged up. I think Cutler is not even a top-20 QB for the rest of the season, given his future schedule (Green Bay, @ Baltimore, Minnesota)

Bengals 23, Lions 13

  • Another weird, somewhat listless game for the Bengals in which Carson Palmer doesn’t really do much. But I think he’ll be fine in a potential shoot-out this weekend versus Minnesota.
  • Welcome back, Cedric Benson (36 carries, 110 yards. So long, Larry Johnson. (two carries, four yards).
  • Matthew Stafford aggravated his separated left shoulder in this game and is unsure if he’ll be able to play this Sunday at Baltimore. That would mean Daunte Culpepper at quarterback and lowered expectations for Calvin Johnson, who had a big game against Cincy’s good corners (123 yards and a TD).

Colts 27, Titans 17

  • The Titans’ season is all but over. But Vince Young had a very productive game and I think he is a quality No. 2 quarterback with home games against St. Louis, Miami and San Diego coming up.
  • Kenny Britt scores again. He is looking like a really good No. 3 WR in fantasy right now, even when Justin Gage returns.
  • Only 113 yards for Chris Johnson??? Oh, he sucks!!!!! What a bust!
  • If the Colts win this week, they will lock up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and the wondering will begin as to win they will sit their starters.

Jaguars 23, Texans 18

  • My head dropped when I saw Matt Schaub get dropped and then kneel on the turf with his left arm in the designated dislocated shoulder position. Knowing his injury history and that he has missed at least five games in each of the past two seasons due to injury, I thought he was done. But he came back and played rather well. The even better news is that it looks like he will be able to play going forward.

    Matt Schaub's left shoulder will certainly be a target for defenders

  • If you own Schaub, pray that each one of Houston’s offensive linemen block for these last four weeks as if their mother is taking snaps from under center.
  • The Texans should have won this game, but Schaub’s injury set them back and then Gary Kubiak’s coaching struck them down again. You are down by 11. A field goal gets you to within one score. And you decide to go with the halfback pass on first-and-goal from the 6 with Chris Brown? Unlike Jim Zorn, I think Kubiak actually wants to be fired.
  • You don’t usually see Maurice Jones-Drew get stood up at the goal line, but that Houston’s Texans run defense is pretty decent. Write this off as just a tough week for MJD (76 yards on 24 carries; one catch for six yards).

Broncos 44, Chiefs 13

  • Man, the more I see the Chiefs play, the more I can’t understand how they beat the Steelers. They are toothless on defense, sloppy with ball-handling and can’t block at all. Maybe that game said more about the Steelers, given their loss to the Raiders on Sunday.
  • Matt Cassel completed just 10-of-29 passes and got picked off twice. But when you could end up owing a player $63 million, you’re going to keep playing him. Fantasy owners, obviously, should not.
  • Knowshon Moreno continues to put up big numbers (86 yards, two touchdowns). Correll Buckhalter also continues to be a bit of a drain, but Moreno is a fine No. 2 RB right now. Week 15 at home against Oakland looks like another multi-touchdown outing in the making.
  • Jamaal Charles put the ball on the turf again, but he’ll keep getting plenty of carries if for no other reason than the Chiefs don’t have any healthy running backs behind him. His schedule is also very favorable, but he’s more of a flex guy.

Raiders 27, Steelers 24

  • Roethlisberger, Mendenhall, Ward and Holmes all had fine fantasy days. The Steelers just lost. Now they are in a must-win situation for Thursday’s game against Cleveland and it looks like they could be without one of their top offensive weapons.
  • Troy Polamalu isn’t expected to play either, and his season may be over.
  • If Ward is out, I love Mike Wallace as a high-upside play this week.
  • Louis Murphy racks up 128 yards and two touchdowns and I’m supposed to buy into him? No, thanks. He had three catches in his previous four weeks.
  • I’m also not buying into Gradkowski … but at least he’s been better than JaMarcus Russell. By a ton.
  • If you like 60-70 yards a week, Justin Fargas is for you, because that’s what he’s going to get. He does look like Oakland’s No. 1 back. Darren McFadden looks pathetic.

Saints 33, Redskins 30

  • After what the Saints did to Tom Brady, who saw this type of game coming from Jason Campbell? But hey, he’s got the exploitable Raiders and Giants next up. I think he’s a good play because of the matchups and the Redskins are going to throw. They certainly can’t run.
  • Speaking of which … You don’t want anything to do with Rock Cartwright or Quinton Ganther.
  • Maybe that means that Devin Thomas will become a bigger part of the offense going forward, but I’m not going to trust him after one big game (seven catches, 100 yards, two TDs).
  • Pierre Thomas gets six carries while Mike Bell gets 18 and Reggie Bush gets one. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this backfield is going to play out, but they are all going to be tough to trust in the fantasy playoffs. Thomas is still the Saints’ No. 1 in my book, but just barely and only as a flex play.
  • OK, so that fumble-touchdown play notwithstanding, Robert Meachem has to be seen as an easy No. 2 WR in fantasy. He has been one of the game’s most productive in the past five weeks and is now getting the looks, too. For fantasy purposes, he should be considered even with Marques Colston.
  • Unlike the Colts, the Saints are shooting for its perfect season with all of its starters. Saints owners, breathe deeply and hope New Orleans keeps winning.

Dolphins 22, Patriots 21

He'll give you his Bess shot. Get it? Get it?

  • I would like to think that Randy Moss could have fought harder for this touchdown try, but that’s quite a play by rookie Vontae Davis.
  • So, I’m not sold on Louis Murphy or Devin Harris, but I am buying Davone Bess. He has 29 catches in the past five games and has at least 56 yards in four of those games. The touchdowns will be few and he’s a pure possession receiver, but I’m happily starting him over T.J. Houshmandzadeh this week. You know he is going to get some looks and catches. In PPR leagues, he’s probably a fringe No. 2 WR.
  • Laurence Maroney gets just 13 carries for 41 yards. The more alarming news is that Sammy Morris got nine carries, Kevin Faulk pitched in with three and Fred Taylor may soon as another cook to this kitchen. You have to downgrade Maroney accordingly.

Chargers 30, Browns 23

  • Another huge game for Brady Quinn! Would you trust him to do it against the Steelers at home this week? Bruce Gradkowski just tore them up, but pardon me if I still shy away.
  • THE BROWNS ARE FANTASY RELEVANT AGAIN!! With Jamal Lewis on IR, it’s clear that Jerome Harrison — and not Chris Jennings — is the Browns’ No. 1 running back. He didn’t do much on the ground, but it should be mentioned that he had seven catches for 62 yards and two receiving touchdowns. Can you say a homeless man’s Ray Rice?
  • No. But he should be OK as maybe a pickup and a flex play in weeks 15 and 16 (@ Kansas City, vs. Oakland). That is, if you trust a Browns player in your championship week.
  • That’s four sub-par games consecutively for Vincent Jackson and now I am worried. His lack of production isn’t affecting Philip Rivers or Antonio Gates, so it just remains a mystery as to what’s going on here because Jackson should be good enough to beat all coverages. I would continue to start him unless you have a really deep bench. But I understand if you are wary of him.
  • Another week, another decent game for LaDainian Tomlinson. But the schedule gets much tougher now (@ Dallas, vs. Cincinnati, @ Tennessee). Over/under 35 fantasy points for Tomlinson in non-PPR, standard leagues for those three games? I’ll gladly take the under.

Giants 31, Cowboys 24

  • Brandon Jacobs had a great fantasy day, thanks to one big play. Otherwise, 13 carries for 39 yards and a short touchdown. He looked like himself, basically.
  • Tony Romo gets criticized a lot because of his position in the football landscape, but he has been fantastic in the past two weeks. I think he’s a fine No. 1 QB going forward. He is just making smart decisions.
  • Jason Witten owners: Your patience is being rewarded.
  • I said during a podcast last Tuesday that Roy Williams would have huge game against the Giants, but two touchdowns? Get outta here.

Seahawks 20, 49ers 17

  • Damn you, Jim Mora Jr! Why must you be so faithful to a clearly inferior back. For any reason, Julius Jones got 25 touches (64 total yards) and Justin Forsett got only eight (34 total yards and a score). It’s not right, but Forsett needs to be benched in all fantasy leagues until Jones gets hurt again because clearly, Seattle isn’t going to sit him.

Adrian Peterson couldn't find anywhere to run against the Cardinals -- even when his blockers were holding people

  • Alex Smith is rising up. Seven touchdowns in the past three games. Given his schedule to end the year (Arizona, @ Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis), I definitely trust him more than someone such as Jay Cutler.
  • I can’t be as positive on Frank Gore, unfortunately. He puts up another stinker and his next two matchups aren’t favorable. Plus, the Niners are just not giving him enough carries.

Cardinals 30, Vikings 17

  • No matter how good a running back is, he isn’t going anywhere without some blocking at the first level. That didn’t happen for Adrian Peterson and that’s why he gained only 19 yards on 13 carries. The team tried to get him involved with six receptions, but 13 carries? The Vikings MUST do better than that.
  • Minor setback for Brett Favre, and he still put up respectable numbers (275 yards, two scores and two picks).
  • Yeah, it came in garbage time, but that’s three straight weeks with a touchdown for Percy Harvin. He’s still a bit risky.
  • Welcome back, Kurt Warner. The owners of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin thank you.
  • On the contrary, Steve Breaston should just be dropped.
  • Warner was seen limping at the end of the game, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Packers 27, Ravens 14

  • God, what a wretched game. More than the penalties, the number of dropped passes was ridiculous. I would like to end my observations there, but …
  • I’m not worried at all about unproductive games from Ray Rice, Derrick Mason or Ryan Grant. Green Bay’s defense is all-around tough and Baltimore is still pretty good at stopping the run.
  • Worst pass of the week by a QB goes to Joe Flacco. But at least he’s sorry. That makes everything better. Seriously, he tried his best to be Josh Freeman in the fourth quarter with his interception, interception, sack trio to end the team’s final three drives. It’s so bad for Flacco, I WOULD start Jay Cutler over him.

Ray Rice was one of many disappointing Ravens on Monday night

That’s it for this week. I kind of like this format. It’s not pretty for pictures, but it does make these post less time-consuming. I may keep it in the future. Sometimes, I need to learn to not say as much.

OK, that’s enough. Thanks for reading!

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