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Steelers-Browns Fantasy Recap: A Whole Lot of Nothing


What a way to begin the fantasy playoffs in many leagues. You couldn’t have expected much out of a game that contained the Browns and Steelers, but there had to be more than THAT! In my league, six teams made the playoffs, with the top two receiving byes this week. The four teams left to participate this weekend didn’t have anyone on their roster from this game. That’s probably for the best as anyone who started a Browns or Steelers player tonight likely came away disappointed — and feeling pessimistic about their playoff matchup this weekend.

  • The Browns are fantasy poison, but if there is Clevelander was being given a chance this week in fantasy, it was running back Jerome Harrison. I guess that what you get for trusting a Brown. Harrison gained 19 yards on 9 touches in the first half and then … NOTHING! Harrison didn’t see a carry after the eight-minute mark of the second quarter as he was replaced by the much more effective Chris Jennings (20 carries, 73 yards and a score). I’m still not sure that this is a touchdown, but I digress.
  • The Browns have the easiest schedule for running backs going forward, but like I said, it’s the playoffs. After what we’ve seen in the past two weeks, can you really trust either one? Last week, I thought Jennings would have the better game and saw Harrison score two touchdowns. Tonight, Harrison showed us that there is a short leash in the Cleveland backfield. I’m staying far away from both. Far, far, far away.
  • You can’t watch something like this and not be convinced that Joshua Cribbs is Cleveland’s most explosive offensive player. He got nine touches tonight, but he just doesn’t get the ball enough consistently to earn fantasy consideration in standard 12-team leagues. That has to change next year.
  • Early in this game, I thought Ben Roethlisberger was going to have a Carson Palmer kind of day against the Browns. The Steelers were running the ball well and it looked like they would methodically beat Cleveland down for the whole game. But it became evident that just wasn’t the case. In actuality, the Steelers just looked helpless on offense. EIGHT SACKS?!?! Ben takes a lot of hits because he holds the ball too long, but most of the dirt on his jersey tonight was the result of poor blocking. I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TEAM FIGHTING FOR A PLAYOFF SPOT!!!
  • I would like to think that this was just a bad showing by the Steelers’ offense, but I’m certainly a little worried. If this is what they are going to give us against the Browns in a must-win game, what are they going to do against Green Bay’s and Baltimore’s defense in the next two weeks???
  • I would also be scared about a possible let-down from Pittsburgh — as if they haven’t done it enough already — for the rest of the season. I get concerned with teams that have been eliminated from playoff contention and now have nothing to play for. I’m not talking about players from the Lions or Rams. They knew their season was over in week 4. But for teams such as Pittsburgh that have been battling for the entire season and now know that there postseason hopes are over, will they just go through the motions in the final few weeks? It’s definitely something to think about.
  • Rashard Mendenhall had just 16 carries, but he had to leave briefly in the second half due to an injury. Hines Ward played through a hamstring injury and couldn’t get any separation from defenders (four catches, 21 yards). Santonio Holmes had the best fantasy day of any Steeler (six catches, 93 yards). But if I was Green Bay, I would strongly consider putting shut-down corner Charles Woodson on him next week, not the gimpy Ward.
  • All in all, this was a horrible game in reality and fantasy. The Browns had a moment of being fantasy relevant, but this uncertain timeshare at running back erases all of that. The Steelers are out of the playoffs and playing for pride. But if the Steelers had any pride, they would have found a way not to lose to teams such as the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns.

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