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Cowboys-Saints Fantasy Recap: Who Dat? That Didn’t Look Like The Saints

I haven’t really enjoyed listening to Matt Millen as the NFL Network color analyst in the past few weeks, but he said it best tonight: The Dallas Cowboys played like a team that needed to win this game. While the Saints weren’t in as desperate a situation as their opponents, they certainly could have used this game. Not just for perfection, but for playoffs. A win tonight would have put them one Vikings loss away from clinching home-field advantage in the NFC.

But it just didn’t look as if the Saints wanted to win tonight. They couldn’t pass protect. They couldn’t run on the limited attempts when they actually tried. The dropped first downs (Marques Colston). They dropped touchdowns (Devery Henderson!). Brees’ offensive numbers don’t look too bad, but know that with less than a minute remaining in the third quarter, he had just 127 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. Clearly, the Cowboys wanted this one more. And for fans in the Superdome who are always ready to party on a Saints game day, that’s a tough fact to realize.

  • Tony Romo is rolling. He was on point all Saturday night and would have had an even better stat line (312 yards, one touchdown, no turnovers) if Miles Austin didn’t let a couple gimme passes bounce off his mitts. Romo spread the ball around, never panicked and knew when to just take what he could get and throw the check-down. He was impeccable. And this is just a beauty. In his last four games, Romo has averaged 316 passing yards with eight total touchdowns and no turnovers. Before then, he was seen as a fantasy quarterback who could barely scratch the top-10, given the matchup. Now he is a must start. His final two games this season — @ Washington, vs. Philadelphia — aren’t great matchups, but you shouldn’t care. Let it ride.
  • Marion Barber’s roller coaster season continued against the Saints, but this was a peak game. Last week, he couldn’t get the ball in from the 1-yard line on three consecutive tries. He hadn’t scored since week eight. And then, he suddenly breaks out for a pair of touchdowns, both of which came from inside the 5. I’m sure that made those fantasy owners who lost faith in him after last week’s failure feel cozy inside. You can’t really trust Barber, but you know that he’ll at least get the majority of the carries ahead of Felix Jones, including the goal-line touches. You just have to set your expectations for him each week at 8-10 points.
  • Austin may have ended up with 160+ yards without his drops. But 139 and a score is just fine, thanks. He now has 1,138 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns. He has to be near or at the top of the list for best fantasy free agent pick-up of the year. Obviously, I haven’t spent time considering the other possible candidates.
  • The two words I thought of when I saw Nick Folk miss that field goal in the fourth quarter: Shaun Suisham. Folk is cut by noon Monday, over-under? I have to go under.
  • Fantasy seasons were undoubtedly shattered tonight as the Saints could get nothing done on offense until the fourth quarter. You’re not benching Brees, Colston or Robert Meachem going forward … that is if your still playing after this weekend. That valuable trio combined for just 21 fantasy points. You have to look at it as just a bad game, albeit a game that crushed championship
  • REGGIE BUSH HAS MADE IT THROUGH TWO WHOLE WEEKS WITHOUT SUSTAINING ANOTHER INJU — Oh, Jesus Christ! Another non-contact injury for Mr. Overrated. Preliminary reports state that he pulled a hamstring. That’s certainly what it looked like. I just couldn’t help but realize how similar that scene looked to when he tore his PCL in 2008 (at about the 1:20 mark of that link). Regardless, you shouldn’t expect Bush to be ready for next week’s game against the Buccaneers.
  • Bush’s absence should mean more carries for Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell, as long as the Saints don’t fall behind by 21 points again. Thomas led the team with six carries for 20 yards. The first Saints touchdown was scored by Bell, who suddenly stepped in for two carries inside the 10-yard-line when Brees apparently grew bored with successfully slinging the ball all over the Cowboys. The second touchdown was scored by Lance Moore, who was playing in his first game since week 8. Thanks for nothing, kids.

For you, Saints fantasy owners. You are not alone

Yes, it was not a pretty fantasy night for Saints owners. I send those of you my condolences. And always realize that it could be worse. An owner in my league, which is in week two of its playoffs, started Colston, Meachem and Thomas. Yeah, his season is done.

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