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Gilbert Arenas’ Case Is Not One Of Racism

This isn't about racism. This is about stupidity

Before we enter the finest football weekend of the year, I wanted to quickly comment on something I heard on TV today. Now, just to show you how great of a reporter I am, I can only say that I heard this during Friday’s episode of Jim Rome is Burning and that it happened during his forum segment. But I’m missing other important facts such as who said it or for what publication he works (I think his named was Vince, so that’s what I’ll call him. See, I’m an awesome reporter). I can’t find any news articles or video of what was said, but enough qualifying — here’s the gist:

“Vince” said that the Gilbert Arenas case is all about racism. The jail time, the indefinite NBA suspension, the public backlash is all geared toward racism. Not only because Arenas is just a black man, but a young, black athlete. “Vince”, who is also black, said that if Brett Favre had brought three shotguns into a locker room — and yes, he said shotguns — Favre’s judicial, professional and social penalty wouldn’t have been nearly as harsh.

Right when that Favre sentenced finished, this is what I looked like, just without the papal vestments and 60 years younger.

It’s no Rush Limbaugh, but seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me! I will admit that there is an image problem with black athletes in much of the U.S. A lot of people just see Arenas as just another part of the rap culture that we use to stereotype way too many athletes. But when people such as “Vince” start crying racism, he does nothing to help the cause. Instead, “Vince”, in an attempt to alert people of racism, just ends up sounding, well, racist.

Let’s not try to cover up Arenas’ stupidity with some racist explanation. This isn’t about punishing a man due to his race. This is about punishing a criminal. It’s a felony to carry a gun without a license in the District of Columbia, kids. AND ARENAS HAD FOUR OF THEM!! Thirty to sixty days of jail time is pretty good deal.

David Stern didn’t suspend Arenas because of some personal bias. Stern has worked extremely hard to clean up the NBA’s gangster image since the time when the Portland Jail Blazers reigned. He doesn’t need one of his league’s star players brandishing guns in one of his locker rooms and then basically challenging another player to a duel — even if it the act was tongue-in-cheek. When Arenas says things like he didn’t do anything wrong and that he fears Stern more than federal officials, that also doesn’t put him in Stern’s good graces. I give Stern credit for teaching Arenas a harsh lesson.

And it’s those kinds of mindless statements from Arenas that have ruined his public image. It has nothing to do with race and a lot to do with displays such as this:

From the time the news broke, Arenas treated this whole incident like a big joke. He never seemed to grasp the gravitas of his situation or exactly what he did. Again, he said he never did anything wrong and just went about his joking ways. But America understands how guns have torn apart many families, and especially in Washington D.C., gun crime has been a serious problem for decades. But Arenas seemed to overlook that fact. Ignorance is bliss, right?

I didn’t want to spend too much on this issue because “Vince’s” comments frustrate me to the point where it becomes difficult to type a coherent thought. I just get the urge to present my entire argument with the word “stupid” 800 times. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s football helping me forget about one of the most idiotic statements regarding a sports story I’ve heard in quite a while. But part of me also can’t wait for next idiot to say something like this. At least it gives us something to discuss.

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