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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. VII

How you see Vegas after more than 40 hours of continuous movement

Well, I guess I haven’t written here in a while, eh? Part of that absence is due to a Las Vegas trip I took this past weekend. Good times, good times. I spent only a little more than a day in the city, but I was very ready to go home at the end. That’s when you know you’ve done Vegas right.

I don’t want to be so nonchalant about my lack of writing at More Talk. It’s just that, well … not much had happened before this weekend. Look what we had to put up with in the first two weeks of January: Gilbert Arenas’ showdown at the Verizon Center, Pete Carroll leaving what may be the most high-profile head coaching job in football for the cloudy skies of Seattle, the Tennessee-Kiffin riots of ’10, Mark McGwire’s admission and subsequent arrogant non-admissions. Not to forget some interesting NFL playoffs and the untimely fall of Colt McCoy. Every day brought about more breaking news that could have filled up two months, much less two weeks.

The sports world needed to calm down. Just get back to the games. Even out the ratio between sports stories on the field and off it. I feel like that’s what we’ve gotten in the past couple of weeks. Now for someone like me, who isn’t a huge NBA fan, flatly ignores hockey and can’t seem to keep up with all the happenings in college basketball despite much effort, that leads to a few less posts. I don’t want to come on here and express opinions to something I’m not paying attention.

But here are some things I wanted to talk about quickly:

NFL’s Championship Sunday

If not for Vegas, I would have written a full Sunday running blog over the course of both games. Alas, Vegas limited me to seeing just a quarter of the Jets-Colts game and having to listen to the Vikings-Saints game on the radio during the drive back. I hate listening to games on the radio. I’m a visual person. I need to see things develop. I don’t trust someone to tell me what’s happening because usually they are wrong or miss the small details that I need to see. But one thing I did take away from the Westwood One broadcast was James Lofton. While he is a football HOF’er, he is not cut out to be a nation-wide NFL broadcaster. He tries to be funny, but he doesn’t realize he’s just an analyst. James, stop the shtick. Analyze the game. That’s what you get paid for. Not lines such as this one during the middle of the Vikings-Saints slopfest:

“You’ve heard of “Pants on the Ground.” This game is balls on the ground.”

Without further ado

“The Fumble” vs. “The Interception”

I’ve already heard some people put Brett Favre’s across-the-body interception in the fourth quarter ahead of Earnest Byner’s fourth-quarter fumble during the 1987 AFC Championship game in the history of NFL playoff gaffes. It’s more recent and Favre is a more well-known player by far, but the fumble is still more crushing. There is a big difference between an interception from the 38-yard line that erased the possibility for a potential game-winning field goal and a fumble at the 3-yard line that erased a certain touchdown to force a tie. Too many things would have needed to happen to make Favre’s interception more damaging than Byner’s fumble.

Byner's fumble is still a more devastating conference championship turnover than Favre's interception

Also, how did Earnest Byner get fired as the Tennessee Titans’ running backs coach? If I remember correctly, the Tennessee Titans’ running game was pretty decent this year. He must have had an in-house feud with Jeff Fisher or Chris Johnson.


I can’t remember being this excited for a Super Bowl that didn’t contain the New York Giants. We’ve had a few offense-versus-defense battles in the past decade (Raiders/Bucs, Colts/Bears). But how much fun is this game going to be with these two offenses, with these two quarterbacks?? It is going to break some serious television records. The Vikings would have been a fine opponent as well. We could have easily filled two weeks with Favre vs. Manning stories. But I can’t wait for this game. And you should definitely expect a running blog for that unless a Super Bowl party breaks out somewhere.

For informational purposes only: The initial over-under line is 56 1/2 points.  It may be a trap, but it looks like easy money if you go with the over. Colts are 5.5-point favorites.

Just sayin’

Last week, a guest on Scott Ferrall’s Sirius Radio show, whose name I don’t remember but who identified himself as a beat reporter for the Jets, said that he expects New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to be fired shortly after the Super Bowl. Just sayin.’ I’ve heard no one else say anything about this but the guest said that he’s heard the Kraft family doesn’t think the players are listening to Belichick any more.

At first, this sounds stunning — and like someone trying to cause a ripple — because of what Belichick has accomplished as the Pats’ head coach and how he has become synonymous with that organization. He is under contract through 2013. The Patriots’ didn’t have a great season, but 10-6 and an AFC East title is damn good. I guess we’ll wait and see, but I don’t think this will turn out to be true.


Terrence Cody: The stuff of which nightmares are made

On Jan. 5, Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody reportedly weighed in at 355 pounds. Twenty days later, at the first day of Senior Bowl practice, he tipped the scales at 370. And the result of that gain at yesterday’s weigh-in is to the right.

(jaw-dropping silence)

I know he’s supposed to be big, but that much pure fat is not good for him. He will get worked over by stronger, more athletic offensive linemen at the next level if he doesn’t slim down. But it’s great for pundits. That will go down as one of the more unforgettable photos of 2010.

At least the NFL Pro Bowl still contains pros

I never watch the NFL Pro Bowl anyway. The fact that it was moved from Hawaii to Miami and from after the Super Bowl to before it means absolutely nothing to me. But now we’ve got undeserving players such as David Garrard, Vince Young, and Kyle Vanden Bosch in there, just to name a few. You can change destinations, move the playing date, give money bonuses to the winning team, but if the players don’t want to play in this game, why should we watch? Sure, a good number of the dropouts have legit injuries, but some are just ditching. If they don’t care, why should we?

You can say that the NFL should move the game up to before the season — when the nation is really craving football after a seven-month drought — or during the season like many other team sports. But the NFL isn’t going to agree to that. The risk of injury in a meaningless game that has less impact on the season than a normal exhibition would still loom too large.

Maybe we just need to live with the idea that this nation’s No. 1 sport just isn’t fit to put together a watchable All-Star game.

The Lakers will be fine

OK, so the Los Angeles Lakers won’t be “historically great.” And they are only 5-5 in the past 10 games. But I can’t stand everyone asking, “What’s wrong with the Lakers?!?!” What’s wrong? It’s January. That’s what’s wrong. This team is still leading the Western Conference and clearly coasting toward the playoffs. They will reach the finals with no problem where they will face a team not named the Cleveland Cavaliers. Book it. Can we just get to the playoffs already, please?

Who can think of a good nickname?

Because apparently the new pitching duo in Seattle needs one. For some reason.

Felix and Lee. Mash it up a little bit and you get:


Both Felix and Cliff are the names — or at least partial names — of two cartoon cats. Is there anything there? I’m not good with this kind of stuff. Someone who commented on that linked article suggested “A King-Lee duo.” Kingly? Meh. “Fire and Ice”? Because Felix is supposed to be intense while Lee is cool and collected? So overused.

How about “Felix and Lee and three days at sea.” The Boston Post can’t touch that!

God, I need baseball. I need it! I need it! I need it!

How much so? I couldn’t wait to watch Rick Ankiel’s introductory press conference in Kansas City yesterday. Today, I’ve spent it watching Game 5 of the 1986 NLCS. I need help.

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