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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. VIII

I don't think the gorilla has thought this through. Does she realize the Saints' linebackers can't cover Dallas Clark? She needs to do more research

I guess I should open with my Super Bowl prediction since every pundit, casual fan and gorilla has already made theirs.

  • Dwight Freeney’s status — he didn’t practice all week, including Friday — doesn’t factor into my decision. Much like when Florida Gator Carlos Dunlap was suspended prior to the SEC title game, the  better team is still going to win. And the better team is still the Colts. The Saints don’t have enough in their back seven to cover the likes of Dallas Clark and Austin Collie, not to mention Wayne, Garcon, Addai. And don’t forget about Donald Brown. This should be a very fun game to watch, but I think the Colts win fairly easily.
  • Last year, I thought the Steelers would handle the Cardinals. Two years ago, I thought the Patriots would crush the Giants. I am expecting another double-digit margin Sunday. So if you are betting on the game, you should know which way to go. This is why I can’t buy nice things.
  • Speaking of bets, I’ve heard many call the game’s line a sucker bet. Well, show me a sucker and I’ll show you a photograph of me in a mirror. With clothes on, thankfully. I say, Colts win, 38-27.
  • You know what the best thing is about that first link? Read that second paragraph:

“Zookeepers gave her the option of two papier-mâché footballs filled with peanuts, popcorn, grapes and other gorilla treats.”

Yes, I am very unfamiliar of these peanuts and grapes you speak of. Oh, those gorillas and their wacky primate snacks.

  • Last Saturday, I was watching Game 1 of the 1998 NLCS between the Braves and the Padres because any baseball is good baseball. Hell, I am having a great time with the Caribbean World Series, even though nobody can play and the most notable name is 42-year-old Vinny Castilla. Anyway, I don’t know why, but I got to thinking about Javy Lopez. The Fox broadcast put up his numbers from that season and they had steroids potential written all over them. Then you look at Lopez’s career stats and his run-production trend and you get your answer!


Suddenly, we find out today that he admitted as much in a podcast interview last weekend. Good for him.

  • Other baseball news … the Twins have signed Orlando Hudson and while I think it’s a great move, the most important signing of the past 24 hours has come out of the Northwest. It looks like Erik Bedard will finally re-sign with the Mariners. Thank God! This all took way too long. I’m sure Bedard wanted more years and money, but he was best to take what he could get. And for the Mariners, it’s perfect. Using the most pessimistic timetable, Bedard won’t pitch until to July because of last year’s shoulder surgery. He might come back in May. But can you imagine a second-half rotation with Lee, King Felix and Bedard? That is easily good enough to win the A.L. West. It’s MUCH better than having Ian Snell for a full season!

Man, I look at the Yankees’ left field and I still can’t help but think that maybe Johnny Damon isn’t out just yet. He and Scott Boras just need to show some financial humility and, much like Bedard, take what they can get. I don’t think Boras would agree with that assessment.

Best quote of the day: When FoxSports.com baseball writer Jon Morosi asked a scout about Jermaine Dye, the scout responded, “I forget about him.” Everyone hates a DH these days.

Of those who are still left on the market (and whom I haven’t already mentioned), I’m really interested to see where Hank Blalock ends up. I know he may not play as critical a role as a Jarrod Washburn or Damon, but I still remember how much talent Blalock had just a few years ago and that he’s only 29. Injuries have stolen some of his power, and last year’s .277 OBP doesn’t help his case. But I still think something is there. We haven’t heard the last of him as an every-day starter. Surely, some of the hold-up is due to the fact that he is another Boras client.

  • You know how meaningless this story is? This is like a football player telling a giddy 8-year-old boy who hopes to one day play in the NFL, “I hope you don’t take my job one day.” It’s just harmless talk. A verbal commitment to a college means nothing. I guarantee that this kid will never play for USC. I don’t even find this story all that slimy. It’s just news on a slow day. This sounds a lot like Lane Kiffin doing what he has done for the past couple of years: Creating news that gets people talking about him, even if it’s not very positive.
  • I have thought about why I write posts such as these and why I just don’t break up each item into separate posts. I’m sure me writing 2-3 posts a day would look better than 2-3 a week, and I want to write as much as possible. But I have a problem with small blog posts. Why? I’m not really sure. Why do I have a full-body twitch when someone says the phrase “home-cooked meal” to me? It’s true, but I don’t know. I think I just have something against short blog posts. When I write something here, I want it to be of healthy substance. I’ve published only six posts of less than 300 words. That’s probably why I don’t write here as much as I should. I keep waiting for a story that is actually worth a long opinion. Bare with me. Baseball season is coming. Pitchers and catchers will start reporting in less than two weeks. It goes without saying

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