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Hey, NCAA! UCF Football Has Had It Up To Here With Your “Rules”

To call UCF's penalty a slap on the wrist is harsh

Here’s a quick post before I go to bed on this Thursday evening/Friday morning, because it deals with my alma mater, the University of Central Florida. The university and the NCAA announced earlier today that UCF’s football program has been put on two years probation because of improper phone calls and text messages to football recruits by two former athletic department staff members.

Please read the story here.

And here. And there’s some other information here.

I know the second link has more information, but just go ahead and click on that first link again. You know you wanna. Give The Central Florida Future some more hits. That’s my people over there and I gotta represent.

Anyway, UCF has come out of this “major” violation without a major penalty. It has already satisfied its recruiting restrictions. Past that, UCF got the same punishment a seventh-grader would receive if he was failing algebra and caught carving naughty words into his desk: Scheduled progress reports and a “You better not do that again” warning. The most significant result from these infractions is the program’s attachment to the word “probation” for the next two years. Still, the university has to feel fortunate. That is some baby-soft discipline.

And as I read about this, there were a few things that jumped out at me.

First, look at those numbers again — 209 improper phone calls, 100 improper text messages. I’m no historian on NCAA violations, but that sounds like a boxer weighing in at 230 pounds for a bantamweight fight.

UCF: We don’t break rules. We purée them.

Exactly how dumb are these coaches? Since they reportedly told the NCAA that they are aware of the rules and understand they broke them, I am left with two conclusions: Either these guys are good liars OR they didn’t care about the rules and arrogantly made those phone calls, knowing that it could put the program in hot water.

You’ve got to love how Rubio ended up at Tennessee. I’m surprised he didn’t follow Lane Kiffin to USC. Those two have a lot in common.

Last are these quotes: The “violations that took place are extremely disappointing to me,” head coach George O’Leary said. … “[Marynowitz and Rubio] also stated the UCF coaching staff was not aware of their phone contact with recruits.”

Oh, that’s some good stuff, kids. Well done. Audience, they’ll be here all week! Try the veal.

If you honestly expect me to believe that O’Leary had no idea that two members of his staff were making more than 300 improper contacts with potential players, you obviously don’t know me well enough. Of course O’Leary knew! But the last place he needs to be is at the center of controversy at UCF. Again.

Judging by the team’s recent history in even-numbered years, UCF fans were already predicting a disappointing 2010 season from the Knights. This omen just got those expectations started on the right track.

  1. Susan
    February 13, 2010 at 8:05 am

    My son went to UCF and I too love the Knights! From everthing I’ve read, the main punishment for UCF was to suffer embarrassment from this. I understand your anger but lets face it, it’s not like we’re talking about USC or Alabama,etc. Look at the conference UCF is in. It’s sooooo bad! Punish UCF too much and it will really suck! Bottom line, the conference needs UCF and we’re really just not that important…YET!!

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