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The Only Thing Fatter Than LenDale White Is His Bloated Sense Of NFL Value

LenDale White doesn't want to be tied to Chris Johnson any longer. But he doesn't really have a choice

The NFL had a very busy first day of free agency on Friday. While free agent signings good and bad (more like horrendous) ruled the day, Ben Roethlisberger’s case of deja vu  turned out to be the top story.

But one note you may have missed is about a player who has disappeared from the NFL despite having the figure of a barn side for much of his career.

LenDale White wants to be traded.

He was content to support Chris Johnson in his 2,000-yard season, but he wants everyone to know that he’s done with all of this backup stuff. He doesn’t want to be a second fiddle any longer. As he said Friday, “I just feel like I am better than that.”

There are two major problems standing in LenDale’s way. One, for him to be traded, some team would have to be willing to surrender a second-round draft pick. No squad is going to hand over a selection of that much relevance for a “running back” who can’t block, can’t catch and has never averaged more than four yards per carry in his four NFL seasons.

The second problem for LenDale is simple. Well, I think I fleshed it out at the end of that last paragraph — he really isn’t better than that. He never has been better than a No. 2 back in the NFL. His biggest accomplishments in the league so far have been stealing cheap TDs from running backs who actually give a damn and quitting tequila. Maybe LenDale needs to get back on the Patron wagon. For the 2009 season, White should blame it on the la-a-a-ack of alcohol.

Regardless, White wants more playing time. Specifically, he wants to be start. Now, I find that sentence hilarious because usually you earn a promotion through hard work and results. White has displayed throughout his entire career that he isn’t fully committed to his job and the results have backed that up. This past season, he had 64 carries. But only seven of them came from where White is supposed to be at his best — inside the 10-yard line. And only three of those came inside the 5.

Obviously, Jeff Fisher didn’t trust him around the goal line. That trust void is bad news for White because that area of the field is the only place on these 100-yard patches of grass where he has been somewhat effective.

But why should White be trusted when he can’t even make it to a Saturday walk-through on time, one day before a big game? It’s not a huge riddle as to why he was suspended for one game and a healthy non-contributor in two other weeks.

As you read that article, White just comes off as someone who has no clue what it means to ‘give’, but he’s very familiar with ‘take’.

“… it is time for me to start somewhere. And that is what I want to do. I want to be a starter in the NFL, not a backup.”

He wants and he wants. But Fisher’s classic response Friday was like a pulling out an ace in the card game of war while no one else is playing with anything higher than a six.

“I don’t blame any player for wanting to play and wanting more play-time. But in his case actions speak louder than words. And I have no further comment.”

LenDale’s going to need some bandages for that burn.

In other words, if LenDale wants a bigger role and to be treated like a big-time player, he needs to act like it. Show the commitment and the desire to be the best at what you do. Practice harder. Study longer. Listen to what people say to you and stop having us listen to what you say. Keep quiet, do your job, have pride in your game and display that you actually want to be a professional.

But for some reason, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. That means more entertaining-yet-idiotic statements from Mr. ThinFail White.

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