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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. X

Ali Farokhmanesh (cheap, accessible boxing pun) the Kansas Jayhawks and nearly half of the nation's brackets

  • In my last post, I mentioned how my bracket was pretty conservative this year. Judging by that, I bet you can basically assume how my bracket looks right now. There is so much red it looks like the sequel to “Braindead”. Sunday was an especially tough day since I had Maryland, Texas A&M and Pittsburgh advancing. The final few seconds just didn’t go their way, but that is why we love this tournament. Even if I hate it tonight.
  • With the remaining matchups, I think some picks are simple — at least to the eye. I am cautious in guaranteeing victories, but Syracuse should overwhelm a small Butler squad. Northern Iowa — bastards! — should beat a hobbled Michigan State team. But there are two games that I am really looking forward to, both of which are in the East region.

It’s obvious that Cornell is no fluke. I thought the Big Red would defeat Temple. It was clear after that game they would dominate Wisconsin with its versatility. But now comes Kentucky, a superior team in athleticism and talent, but with Jeff Foote on the inside, he might stand a chance against DeMarcus Cousins and/or Patrick Patterson. We’ve learned there isn’t a shot that Ryan Wittman can’t make. Louis Dale runs the show well. They just need to make sure they can keep up with the Wildcats’ pace. Better yet, make them play at Cornell’s pace. The game is being played in Syracuse, N.Y., which is only about an hour drivenorth of Cornell’s campus. The Big Red is going to have a big home-field advantage.

Lorenzo Romar has a right to be happy. His current team is headed to the Sweet 16, but that's setting the stage for what should at least a couple of extremely productive years for the Huskies

Also, where has this Washington team been all season? I think I have a man-crush team for 2010-2011. This is a young squad — outside of senior Quincy Pondexter — with a bunch of players who can shoot, are extraordinarily long, can crash the boards and jump out of the gym. It’s just so fun to watch them play when they want to play. You saw against New Mexico what can happen when they bring their intensity. West Virginia is a much better match for the Huskies than New Mexico, but the Mountaineers have had some ominous struggles in this tournament. They came out flat versus Morgan State and had to really fight against Missouri. Washington doesn’t bring the Tigers’ type of pressure defense, but a nice variation of it. Really, a Washington win wouldn’t surprise me much.

  • Hey, it’s another Tiger Woods interview. Oh, what a great waste of time. He understands hurt many people. Private issues will stay private. He’s still receiving treatment. He knows he screwed up. Nothing new.

But there are two things I took away: Tom Rinaldi, I do like you. I mean, you are the type of journalist I want to be. You dig deep and you have a fondness for touching, human interest stories. But that interview was so tough to listen to. I know you don’t want Tiger to answer with a non-answer, but stop interrupting. I counted at least five interjections. Lay back a bit. When Tiger stops talking, then come in with your specific follow-up question. No need to try to strong-arm Woods in this conversation. It becomes very annoying.

Also, did anyone else notice that when asked why did he get married, Tiger said he got married because he LOVED Elin? Past tense. I’m reading into it. Oh yeah, I’m reading deep into it and I don’t care.

  • It was great to hear that the Twins locked up Joe Mauer. Too bad the Twins’ season is doomed from the start. I like Matt Guerrier for the long haul of this season, but it’s still going to be a lost cause without Nathan.
  • Oh, and in case you haven’t been paying attention, BASEBALL SEASON IS TWO WEEKS AWAY. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
  • We all got a bit of scare this past weekend with Vin Scully’s trip to the hospital. Nothing severe, but it has to make you think. Specifically, it makes you think about mortality. Scully is 82 and still churning out charming baseball yarns in each broadcast. I remember how Chick Hearn, legendary Lakers announcer, would occasionally mix up names and get lost in a play as he entered his final years. Yet, Scully is still as sharp as Mariano Rivera’s cutter control.

    When he leaves, I'm done

But again, he’s 82. I truly hope that we can get 7-10 more years out of the greatest who has ever lived. But then what? I grew up hating the Dodgers, but I also grew up with Vin Scully as the narrator of my introduction to baseball. What do we do when he’s gone? Personally, that is a scary thought that makes me tear up even thinking about it. I’m pretty sure I will lose it when he signs off for good.

  • Why isn’t Ben Roethlisberger’s idea of a fun time out the same as DeAngelo Williams’ and Jonathan Stewart’s?
  • In closing, you might have heard about how my alma mater, UCF, decided not to retain men’s basketball head coach Kirk Speraw after 17 seasons. It’s a decision that I oppose, if only because I would have liked to see him finish out his contract and spend one more year trying to develop what was viewed as a very strong recruiting class. But I do understand the decision. Speraw was fine in the Atlantic Sun, but he couldn’t do anything with the Knights at the Conference USA Tournament. In five years with C-USA, his teams had second-, fourth- and fifth-place finishes in the regular season. But that meant nothing in tournament play as the team was routinely ousted early. It’s probably true that Speraw had done as much as he could as a coach at this level.

But I’ve got to point out this horribly delusional quote from Director of Athletics Keith Tribble. When asked if the team’s lack of success this season — it finished in ninth place — should be attributed more to the team’s 12 underclassmen, seven of whom are freshmen, Tribble said:

“Kentucky has a lot of freshmen. … Freshmen are not the difference. It’s the type of athletes you have and do you have those who can compete.”

Yes, and Kentucky also has reached 13 Final Fours and has won seven national titles along with a lot of conference championships. In other words, Kentucky has excellence equity. No amount of recruiting by some also-ran club in the 10th-best conference in the country is going to attract those types of athletes. If Tribble thinks that his basketball program can do so, he’ll soon be following Speraw out the door.

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