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At The Start Of The 2010 MLB Season, Here’s How The Season Will End

As I type this, we are about 40 minutes away from the first pitch of baseball real opening day. So quickly, here are my predictions for the league’s divisions, playoff and awards. Of course, if you have checked my division previews, you already know who I think will win the division.


East: Yankees

Central: Twins

West: Angels

Wild card: Rays

In the playoffs, the Yankees will face the Angels in the first round and win in a three-game sweep. The Rays will beat the Twins in four games, but fall to the Yankees in the ALCS in six.


East: Phillies

Central: Cardinals

West: Rockies

Wild card: Braves

Phillies over the Rockies in five. Cardinals over the Braves in four. In the NLCS, Phillies will beat the Cardinals in five.


Phillies over Yankees in 7

Halladay is a plague for the Yankees and the Phillies have a slightly more dangerous lineup.

I wish for more of the same, but I think the Phillies get their revenge in '10


MVP: Evan Longoria

Everyone seems to be picking him, and I could just reprise my pick from last season — Mark Teixeira. But it seems like Longoria is ready to just go off on the league.

Cy Young: Felix Hernandez

This a tough one for me. I expect American League East pitchers to get beat up through the division, so I don’t really count CC Sabathia or Javier Vazquez or Josh Beckett or John Lackey as legitimate Cy Young contenders. Jon Lester is one guy I will include, but even with him, how many candidates does this league have? Six, maybe seven at most (Hernandez, Lee, Verlander, Greinke, Lester and maybe Peavy). I don’t think Greinke will go back-to-back and Lee is already hurt, so I’ll go with King Felix. I took Lester prior to last season.

Rookie of the Year: Wade Davis

There is a little less pressure on him than the other popular pick, Brian Matusz. I just hope Davis’ wretched spring isn’t a sign of things to come.

Manager of the Year: Mike Scioscia

Yeah, I know he won it last year, but so many people are doubting  the Angels going into the season. They say the Angels lost too much during the winter and didn’t do enough to fill those voids and that the Mariners are poised to take the division. So if Scioscia’s Angels respond with another AL West title, I could definitely see him winning it again.


MVP: Albert Pujols

Sure, it’s not sexy, but if the whole point of this exercise to be right, how can you go with anyone else?

Cy Young: Roy Halladay

Again, I plan on being right … but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH want to pick Ubaldo Jimenez!

Rookie of the Year: Jason Heyward

He’s killing cars. He’ll crush pitching just the same.

Manager of the Year: Bobby Cox

It’ll be a nice way to go out for Bobby. If his Braves do clinch the wild card, this should be an easy choice.

And don’t forget: Predictions are for suckers!

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