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At The Long Beach Grand Prix: Sun, Women, Alcohol … And Cars If We Have Time

Watching the screens around the track is probably the best way to watch the races since everything goes by you in hundreths of seconds

It would be a great night to write about baseball.

The Nationals, Blue Jays Pirates have winning records.

The Mets and Cardinals basically played out my baseball wet dream with a near-seven-hour game.

Ubaldo Jimenez made me look smart for once with that no-hitter. I said on this blog and other places that if it wasn’t for Roy Halladay, I would take him to win the Cy Young. He just needs to keep the walks down. Of course, with that being said, A.J. Burnett is not impressed.

But I can’t write about it because I didn’t see any of it. My entire weekend is being taken up by the Long Beach Grand Prix. It’s a weekend that I’ve heard a lot about in the past but have never enjoyed due to college. I’ve never attended any auto racing event, but since my dad has been going to the Grand Prix for the last few years and the festivities take place mere blocks from my apartment, I had to see what the excitement is all about.

My dad had told me that it’s a big three-day party. Yeah, that basically sums it up, but I guess that would be the story for every auto race anywhere.

Here are a few many pictures from my first two days at the LBGP.

You can't go five feet without knocking into a beer stand. And they all sell one brand: Tecate. That's it! I don't drink beer and I'm certainly not going to start with Tecate. Or Tecate Light

Then why are you here? Speaking of shirts, I decided to not to drop $25 on a Helio Castroneves shirt

During Saturday's practice, we claimed a spot on the bridge that overlooks turn No. 1, which is the site of many crashes. It's challenge comes as drivers, such as Marco Andretti, speed at 150+ MPH down the front straightaway and then have to make a sharp left turn. Some make it, some don't.

On this run, Ryan Briscoe's car didn't make it

I feel obligated to show a picture of Danica Patrick's car, even if it is blurry. I didn't see Milka Duno on the track, but I know she was there

Ah, the pro/celebrity race. A bunch of no-name pros drive against a bunch of B-list celebs in Toyota Priuses. Fun. The celebrities included Jesse McCartney, Christian Slater, Tony Hawk, Adrian Brody, Adam Carolla and Keanu Reeves, who is pretty much a pro driver at this point. The top finisher among the stars was -- get ready for it -- Brian Austin Green.

The power of the Indy cars and the Le Mans Ferraris were overwhelming. But the best part of this weekend on the track so far came Saturday when Chris Ashworth, who is the veep of a local Toyota dealer, crashed his Prius during the pro/celebrity race ...

... I'm gonna say that the developing smoke and fire coming from the car don't mean good things

After more than 10 minutes, someone finally arrives to extinguish the car. By this time, I think Ashworth had bailed over to the Hooters up the road

It doesn't really work if you don't TURN OFF THE CAR!! It took about five more minutes of pointless spraying for that idea to pop into anybody's head

Wrecked car on the track? Chemical agents all over the street? Sure, restart the race with zero cleanup. That's how the LB rolls

My dad with his stopwatch, keeping track of the drivers' times. He likes to be a part of the game

Me and my friend Michael with a couple of the Tecate girls. As the girl on the right proves, it becomes hard to smile after seven consecutive hours of guys asking to take a picture with you.

There are more practices, three races and a team drifting competition Sunday. The main race, The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, begins at 1:15 p.m. out here in the West. Will Power has the pole position, but I don’t care who wins. I’m there for the atmosphere. And the engine noise.

  1. Anonymous
    April 21, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    The atmosphere and the engine noise?

    Is that similar to the ambiance and the decor?

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