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Darrent Williams’ Killer Gets The Sentence He Deserves And A Little Bit More. And Then A Whole Lot More

Justice was served with great authority for the memory of Darrent Williams on Friday

Not often does a sports story make you cry, shock you, make you feel triumphant and laugh heartily.

But then came the sentence of Willie Clark on Friday, the man convicted of killing former Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams on New Year’s Day 2007.

You’ve probably heard or read some of the gut-wrenching testimony given by those who were with Williams that night, including former teammate Brandon Marshall. Marshall was the intended target, Williams was just a peacemaker. But he’s the one who ended up with a bullet in the neck after Clark sprayed his stretch limo with gun fire.

At the sentencing, Clark listened to Williams’ mother, Rosalind, give this statement: “Whenever someone tells me Happy New Year, it hurts. Now, when anybody says Happy Mother’s Day, it hurts because my baby will never be able to tell me Happy Mother’s Day again.”

Clark was rightfully sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. But there’s always room for expansion.

Clark wasn’t convicted of just one murder. Clark was convicted on 16 counts of attempted murder, one for each person in the limo that fateful night, and aggravated assault. He also has two previous felonies on his record. So, as an habitual criminal, Judge Christina M. Habas added on to the sentence.

By 1,152 years.

It’s no Dudley Wayne Kyzer, but it’s a rare occurrence when a millennium can sneak into a criminal sentence. In some parallel universe where death doesn’t exist, Clark wouldn’t get out of prison until 3162. To put it another way, if Clark’s sentence ended today, he would have started serving it around the time gunpowder was invented by the Chinese during the mid-ninth century.

And here’s the kicker: Clark is slated to go on trial later this year for the first-degree murder of Kalonniann Clark, a woman who was set to testify that she was shot at by one of Clark’s associates before she was killed in December 2006.

What can the judge possibly do to Clark in that case? Add on another life sentence? Oh, does that make you feel like a big man??? Go ahead and make it two. Oooo, that’ll sting! Maybe Clark looked up Kyzer’s Guinness World Record for longest sentence and decided his life’s mission is to challenge that number in combined convictions.

In the end, I don’t support the death penalty, so I’m somewhat glad that Clark committed his crimes in Denver instead of Texas. Death is the easy way out. Make him suffer in confinement, even if he’s not worth the air he breathes.

"So, 2010, add 1,152. 3,000 ... 3,100 and ... Whoa-ho-ho! Damn, I'm done.

P.S. It has since been removed, but when the AP edition of this story was posted on ESPN.com, Willie Clark’s name was hyperlinked to the stats page of former Chargers defensive back Willie Clark. It stayed that way for a few hours. Alas, that Clark is not a killer. He is the principal of Palmetto High School in Palmetto, Fla.


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