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Just When A Shotgun In A Guitar Case Was The Spiciest Bit In Delonte West’s Off-Court Life

I’m a few days late on this, but the fact that this even exists is just too good.






Oh, my sides hurt.

The rumor is likely nothing more than that, but when real news outlets such as the Huffington Post start reporting on this story, it does give it some indirect credibility. I like how it is believed that LeBron didn’t play well and the Cavs lost the Celtics series due to knowledge of the affair. Because it certainly wasn’t because of how well the Celtics played, right? Hell, LeBron only had one bad game in the series, Game 5. Otherwise, he was pretty freakin’ good, especially in Game 6, save for the final few minutes when he didn’t feel like playing any longer.

Why don’t we start looking at Antwan Jamison? Which one of his relatives slept with Delonte, because he was horrible for all of the eastern semis.

Of course, many outside of the Cavs want this to be true. There is little reason to think that it is, but as of this writing, 53 percent of participants in the Post’s poll believe that something sexual happened between the two. We just want to believe.

But it’s pretty hard for me to believe that the mother of the game’s greatest current player would get involved in a tryst with an NBA reserve who can’t do much more than shoot 3s and speaks like groundskeeper Carl Spackler with an urban twang. And he’ll stand trial on a weapons charge in July. A normal person doesn’t just carry around two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and a Bowie knife.

And maybe this rumor shouldn’t fall under the category of off-court controversy. Maybe West stole a page out of Ty Lawson’s book of romance.

This oh-so awkward relationship is funny to consider and all of these stupid reports allow us to do so.

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