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Shannon Brown Misses Dunk, Orchestrates Most Memorable Play Of Western Conference Finals, Game 1

So, I’ve been away for about a week after attending a wedding and visiting some good friends in Orlando. I was completely out of the loop for five days as I stayed off my laptop for the duration. When I got home, I realized that I actually didn’t miss too much.

I watched Boston upset Cleveland. I just loved how LeBron basically quit in the final minutes of that game, avoiding the ball like a Cavaliers contract offer. He’s gone. Mike Brown is gone. Because both of them is gone, Shaq is out — but no one cares about him. He should just leave the game completely.

My dad was ecstatic that the Boston Bruins blew a 3-0 series lead and a 3-0 lead in Game 7 to lose at home to the Philly Flyers. It’s not going to make anyone forget about the 2004 ALCS, but it does give us Yankees fans some ammunition.

Reason No. 15,491,283,227 why baseball rocks: Mat Latos can compare himself to Cy Young with good reason.

Lawrence Taylor may not have had intercourse with a minor, but hopefully his new defense witness understands that any sexual contact with a minor still counts as a felony. If she said “We didn’t even have sex,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that there were no fingers or lips placed in or around some important regions of the body.

By the way, we are all aware that Matt Stairs has taken Taylor’s place in those Nutrisystem commercials, right? What a celebrity!

Anyway, it wasn’t exactly a great week for sports news. But I’m glad that I wasn’t away this week or else I probably would have missed this.

Simply, that is the greatest missed dunk in NBA playoff history with ease. Maybe it’s the greatest miss in the game’s entire history, but that seems like too much of a reach to put out there with no research to back it up.

When Brown literally flew through the Staples Center, I grabbed the sides of my head and just started shaking like I was experiencing a grand mal seizure. Watching it live, you didn’t know how to explain what just happened. Then, after a few seconds, I forced myself to rationalize that he must have used Jason Richardson to propel himself that high above the basket.

Um, nope. Somehow, that was all Shannon. He didn’t place a hand on Richardson. He hardly brushed him. Brown just jumped that high because of his own body.

And look at how he did it again. Sure, he gets a jogging start at about half court. But Brown didn’t really start preparing for the dunk until he hits the 3-point line. He then took only three authoritative steps to gain enough momentum to basically jump over a 78-inch-tall man. How is that physically possible???

“I actually thought he was going over the backboard.” — Marv Albert.

The Internet is giving this play its due respect, but I haven’t seen it replayed at all on television, which is a shame. Sure, it’s goes down as a missed field goal, but that’s like saying Lou Marson just grounded out to the pitcher during baseball’s opening day. Especially in a game that was bereft of suspense after halftime, Brown’s play, while not ultimately successful, was one of the few things people will remember from the start of these conference finals.

Speaking of the series, it’s been obvious that the Suns can’t play with the Lakers on the interior. They can try to run with them, but probably their best (only?) route of attack is to set up on the perimeter and just start launching 3s. Just launch away. Launch them like Brown launched himself Monday night.

In a positive sense, maybe the greatest failure in postseason sports history

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