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A Very Short And Shallow 2010 NBA Finals ‘Preview’

Much unlike two years ago, Rajon Rondo should be public enemy No. 1 for the Los Angeles Lakers

Lost in the Joyce-Galarraga drama (which has really had some amazing development today, including an extremely emotional moment during today’s lineup card exchange, a sweet ride and involvement from the state government) is the fact that the NBA Finals begin tonight.

Lakers. Celtics. The ultimate NBA history lesson. The must-see matchup. And as a Lakers fan, I just can’t wait …

… to not see it.

Tonight, I’ll be at Dodger Stadium as Los Doyers take on the first-place Braves. While I am excited to see Jason Heyward live, it will force me miss Game 1. I could listen to the game on the radio, but I can’t stand just listening to sports. It just annoys me. I NEED to see it. I’m a pure visual learner. Even if Chick Hearn was on the call, I don’t trust any radio announcer to give me a complete picture of the goings-on.

Still, I feel compelled to give a prediction. I should have written something about this a few days ago, but I put it off. Now as I rush to board a Metro line train headed for Downtown LA, I am left to throw in what few words I can before the series commences.

For last year’s finals, I wrote a somewhat detailed breakdown and I was wrong.

This year, here’s shooting for a complete 180! Instead of long and wrong, I’m going for short and right (she said).

The Lakers have absolutely no one who can stop Rajon Rondo. Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar will be eaten alive by him. But if they can use their size to keep Rondo out of the lane and force him to keep the ball on the perimeter, the Lakers will do as best they can to neutralize him.

Outside of Rondo, there isn’t too much that concerns me about the Celtics. That’s not to say that they don’t have game-changing players. They have at least four. But the Lakers have the big men to limit Kevin Garnett and a couple of good man-to-man defenders in Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest who can give Paul Pierce trouble.

Ray Allen is going to hit his 3s because the Lakers are atrocious at coming off of screens on defense, but if Allen is going to be the guy who claims the title for the Celtics, all the Lakers can do is tip their cap.

That is, if they wore caps.

On the flip side, I don’t think the Celtics have enough to stop Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. Of course, Bynum’s ability will be compromised due to his bad knee, but he can still contribute with rebounding, defense and a few baskets here and there.

Lastly, there is always Kobe. He’s the best player on the floor and with two teams that are evenly matched at best, shouldn’t that be the tiebreaker?

The Lakers will win in seven games.

I hope to see six of them.

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