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Who Is Next After Matt Garza?

Baseball, or at least how I perceive it, is full of indifference these days. While Alex Rodriguez takes his sweet time in reaching a milestone that no one seems to care about, Matt Garza accomplished a feat Monday night with which we are all getting too cozy.

It was a nice change of pace for the Tampa Bay Rays, who have been on the non-celebratory side of no-hitters three times in the past 369 days.

The Rays became the first team since 1991 to have a no-hitter thrown for AND against them. That year, three teams fell into that category: The Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox and Montreal Expos.

The Rays became the first team since the ’17 White Sox to be involved in three no-hitters in a single season. Two of them came on consecutive days. Related note: There were seven n0-hitters thrown in 1917. Five of them came between April 14 and May 6.

Garza became the fourth MLB pitcher to face the minimum in a non-perfect no-hitter. The last pitcher to do so was Mark Buehrle against the Texas Rangers in 2007. The last guy before him? Terry Mulholland! God, so random.

But beyond the cool stats, there is one major takeaway from this latest no-no: It’s likely not the last one of this season. We’ve seen five recorded no-hitters this year, but we can’t go a week without someone holding an offense hitless into the seventh. Three other no-hit opportunities have been broken up in the ninth inning. With more than two months left on the schedule there has to be at least one left in the bag. There’s no statistical data that says it has to happen, but … IT HAS TO HAPPEN! There’s just too much time left!

This is the 10th MLB season in which at least five no-hitters have occurred. In nine of those 10 years, a no-hitter was pitched after July. Again, that’s completely independent of anything that’s happened this season, but let’s keep those percentages high.

I’ll take Matt Cain. Why? No inside info, just a guess. Young pitcher with no-hit stuff in a pitcher’s ballpark. In a season that has seen no-hit games turned in from opposite ends of the pitching spectrum, from Roy Halladay to Dallas Braden, anyone could be the next one.

But the point is it’ll be someone.

So who you got, yo?

You're my boy, blue! orange!

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