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A Really Creepy Clippers Coincidence

Lorenzen Wright was the seventh pick of the 1996 NBA Draft. Eddie Griffin was drafted at that same spot five years later. Unfortunately, both players have another commonality: They died way, way too young.

When I heard about Wright’s tragic end on Wednesday, I texted a friend to say: “Admit right now that Lorenzen Wright and Eddie Griffin are balling it up right now.” That response may seem insensitive, but I like to keep everything lighthearted, almost to a fault. I like to find comedy in things that others would reject as remotely funny. When I die, I think it would be great if no one honored or reminisced about me. Just turn it into a roast and tell my carcass how much of a bastard I was.

Anyway, that friend shot me back a message that I couldn’t believe. It’s unbelievably sad, strange and karmic in a very twisted, sadistic way.

With Wright’s death, three members of the 1996-97 Los Angeles Clippers who are no longer with us.

The Clippers are one of the sturdiest punching bags in sports. They’ve had just two winning seasons in their 26-year existence. They are run by the NBA’s worst owner. They’ve been set back by some bad drafts and some bad luck. And no matter how much sympathy I felt for Wright’s family and his six children, there was a voice whispering in the back of my head that I didn’t want to recognize. But when you think like me — nothing is off limits — it’s a thought I couldn’t ignore. This much tragedy on such a grand scale could contain only the Clippers.

Wright was found shot to death in the woods surrounding Memphis, Tenn. He was 34.

While he was still playing in the NBA, Malik Sealy was killed in a car accident 10 years ago by a drunk driver. Sealy was 30.

Kevin Duckworth, who retired after his Clippers season in 2007, died of congestive heart failure in 2008. He was 44.

I don’t know how you could research this, but that has to be the youngest trio of teammates in NBA history that died from unnatural causes.

Even more, Rodney Rodgers is a quadriplegic and Dwayne Schintzius had to battle against leukemia.

They were all playing together as Clippers just 13 years ago. It’s just really creepy.


By the way, Bison Dele was a member of the 1995-96 Clippers. Jesus Christ!

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