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“I Get To See Stephen Strasburg Pitch Tonight!”

That’s what I would be exclaiming, if only it was true.

When I bought tickets to tonight’s Nationals/Dodgers game, it was July 22 and it seemed to be perfect. Strasburg had pitched the previous night in Cincinnati and with some projecting out into the future, he was scheduled to make his next three turns on July 26,  July 31 and, with the help of a day off, Aug. 6.

Aug. 6. The series-opener against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Just $25 to experience Strasburgmania in its debut nationwide tour? Yes, please!

Five days later, it all went downhill. He couldn’t get loose. He was put on the DL. The Nationals chose to take it easy on the future of their franchise, for some reason. Sheesh! Let him pitch! Let him pitch!

Strasburg is now on track to be back Aug. 10, two days after the Nationals leave Los Angeles. Good timing. Just … dammit. Dammit! Now, instead of saying that I got to see Stephen Strasburg as a rookie, I’ll probably have to settle for, “I saw Stephen Strasburg in his first start against the Dodgers.” Whenever that is. That sentence doesn’t seem to carry the same amount of gravitas.

Three weeks after I was so giddy to see the phenom, I am left with John Lannan. Lannanmania! Experience it in the flesh!

If you can’t tell, I am just a tad bitter. It’s demoralizing to say the least. But this development won’t sidetrack my father. A life-long Yankees fan, I’ve never known him to openly wear the colors of another team. Until now. This is what he’ll sport to tonight’s game:

Of course, with a certain pitcher on the bump tonight in Seattle, I’ll be wearing my own fan gear:

Because I don’t think they are going to be selling John Lannan jerseys at souvenir shops away from D.C.

  1. Ruzzo
    August 7, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I saw Stephen Strasburg as a rookie. Feels good, man.

  2. spokes310
    August 8, 2010 at 10:42 am

    (In my best Louis voice)

    Hey! Hey! I saw him too, alright, man! I saw him! He was SITTING in the DUGOUT and I SAW him! And then, when the Nationals won the game, I SAW HIM came out ONTO THE FIELD!! OK?! (starts laughing) OK!? I saw Stephen Strasburg, asshole! Don’t you tell me I didn’t, you fucking liar!

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