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Pedro Alvarez Shows Us That It’s OK To Jump On To Home Plate Again

Might as well jump (JUMP!)

Sneezing. Opening a DVD. Trying to tear a phone book. Playing “Guitar Hero.” Delivering a pie in the face. Taking a pie in the face. Carrying deer meat up a flight of stairs. Freak injuries happen in all sports, but those are just a few of the beauties from baseball, some of which led to DL trips. On Saturday, Alex Rodriguez got nailed in the leg by a ball during batting practice while talking to Joe Buck. Can’t make this stuff up.

When these awkward ailments take place, you see baseball teams take extra precaution to make there’s no chance of a repeat.

So I salute you, Pirates rookie third baseman Pedro Alvarez, for blowing up the game’s recent abandonment of jumping on home plate after hitting a game-winning home run Saturday night. It was the first time I’ve seen a player do the hop-off since the Angels’ Kendry Morales went up, came down and had to be carried off.

That occurred all the way back in May. Since then, baseball players, most under manager orders I assume, have been very careful not to leave their feet as they approach home. Scared that their leg will splinter just as Morales’ did, walk-off homers have lost a bit of their entertainment value.

But isn’t this still a kids game being played by men? When something exciting happens, these guys should still be allowed to act like 10-year-olds. And hell, Alvarez is 23. That’s not too much of a separation.

With the rook’s assurance that not everyone who ends a game with an authoritative landing onto home plate will miss the rest of the season, I look forward once again to some of the game’s better athletes gaining some game-ending elevation.

Like Alvarez’s teammate Andrew McCutchen. Love that picture.

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