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I Am Ready For Another Season Of Heartbreak. I Am Ready For Fantasy Football

"The Beast" will lead my receiving corps this season

Today is the first full Sunday of NFL football, which means I know where I’ll be 30 minutes from now: At a sports bar less than a block away watching every game on the schedule. I’ll get there at about 9:45 a.m., order a breakfast burrito, start drinking by 12 and return home — all the way home — by 5 p.m. It’s a full day.

And it’s a nerve-wracking endeavor because I play fantasy football (Ray Lewis doesn’t). I don’t know if I play more than I live it. This will be my 10th season competing in the one league I do every year. It’s just me and 11 other high school friends with nothing more than bragging rights on the line. But we take it seriously. Especially me to an absurd point.

In 2004, I got so “emotionally involved” in my fantasy matchup, I fainted while watching the games. True story. ‘Cause I’m sick like that. I’m sick like that. I’m sick.

I have never won this league, a point that continues to bring much joy to the league participants because I do the most research. I honestly should have won last year, but the Elias Sports Bureau denied me. It was the cruelest fate I’ve ever been dealt in fantasy.

But it’s not like I still think about it.

Freaking lateral.

Anyway, since I’ll probably be writing many fantasy-centric posts on here during the season, I’ll probably be talking a lot about the guys who are on my team. So here is my team, at least for right now. I’ll probably trade half of them by week 3.

This year, we decided to do an auction-style draft for the first time. For 12 teams and 18 picks per team, it was extremely enjoyable. And long — 3 hours, 51 minutes. I think it’s clear where my weaknesses and strength lie, but I’ll stop talking and present the players who make up “17 Wasted Sundays” (It’s a double entendre, folks. And a lame one at that).

QB: Vince Young

We start two quarterbacks in our league AND each touchdown throw is worth six points. So the fact that Young is my top quarterback is a huge disadvantage. If he plays a full season, I’m hoping for 20-25 total touchdowns and a few less mistakes. But a serious upgrade is needed

QB: Mark Sanchez

Did I say that quarterback is a problematic position for me? I wanted to get the likes of Schaub, Flacco and Kolb, but the prices were too high for me. Schaub went for $50. QBs are extremely valuable in our league, but that’s too rich for me. However, I have a feeling that letting Tony Romo get past me for $36 will haunt me until I can pull off a trade.

I’m hoping for some quick maturation by Sanchez. I think I’m not going to get it. He was wretched in the preseason.

WR: Brandon Marshall

I am a little wary of Marshall this year, his first year in Miami’s run-first, run-second offense with an unproven quarterback and residing in a division that has some good pass defenses. Then again, it’s Brandon Marshall. He’s going to get a lot of targets and get it done most of the time.

WR: Wes Welker

This is not a point-per-reception league and Welker doesn’t score much. But he looked healthy during August, and 1,300 yards with four touchdowns counts just the same as 1,120 yards with seven touchdowns in our league (one point per 10 receiving yards, six points per TD). I’ll take that from my No. 2 receiver.

WR: Robert Meachem

I didn’t like what I saw Thursday night. It’s going to be difficult to depend on any Saints receiver on a weekly basis other than Marques Colston. Maybe Meachem’s 2009 was his ceiling.

RB: Michael Turner

I overpaid for him — $65 — but I think he’s ready for a grand bounce-back season. I’ve heard great things about his conditioning and the Falcons are trying to make him a more prominent figure in their passing game. Sign me up.

RB: Steven Jackson

My best pick of the draft was getting this guy for $41. Yeah, Turner and Jackson have injury concerns, but you have to admit they put up big numbers when healthy.

WR/RB: Knowshon Moreno

Moreno is starting out of my flex spot right now. I hate drafting players who are hurt before the season and Moreno’s hamstring issue could linger for who knows how long. But at $21, he was worth it. I want to see what he’ll look like versus the Jaguars today. It’s a good matchup, but something in the back of my head stresses the Broncos are rushing him back into action. That could be disasterous.

TE: Jason Witten

I like how I ignored two of my major draft guidelines: Get two top-12 quarterbacks and WAIT on tight ends. Instead, I got two bottom-12 QBs and I grossly overpaid for Witten. I got him for $18. Jermichael Finley was selected later on for $11. That made me cry.

Still, Witten is stellar and the Cowboys’ coaches have said they want to get him more involved again down by the goal line this year. I’m OK with that, partially. The Giants fan inside me hates it.

K: Ryan Longwell

He’s a kicker. That’s good enough for me. I’m fortunate my league doesn’t subtract points for missed PATs.

DEF: Tennessee Titans

I never draft a defense that I plan to start every week. Defenses are volitile. What you thought about one team in the preseason could be completely different by week 11. Look at the 2009 New York Giants. On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers became a great fantasy defense. I’m not going to get inolved in that guessing game.

I’ll open the season with Tennessee as my defense for probably the first two weeks. They play host to a couple of not-so-strong opponents: The Oakland Raiders and the Dixon-led Pittsburgh Steelers. By week 3, I’ll find some other team to plug in and move on week to week.


QB: Josh Freeman

Not horrible as my No. 3 quarterback. It doesn’t matter for me, but that Bucs’ offense is going to be pretty damn exciting in a couple of years.

WR: James Jones

He’s the Green Bay Packers’ No. 3 wideout. With that offense, he should still get plenty of opportunities.

WR: Josh Cribbs

I don’t know how the Browns are going to use him, but they’ve got to use him. He’s the most explosive player on that team. If you combine his rushing and receiving totals, he could put up stats comparable to a No. 3 WR in a league of this size. That is, IF the Browns use him correctly, which basically means using him more than I think they actually will.

And no, we don’t count punt or kickoff return yardage.

RB: Correll Buckhalter

This is insurance for Moreno. I should probably go get Jackson’s backup, Kenneth Darby, just to be safe.

RB: Javon Ringer

If Chris Johnson suffers a major injury, the fantasy world will be turned on its side in disbelief. And I’ll stand to profit.

RB: Mike Bell

Maybe the Eagles will deploy him as a goal-line back, much like how he was used in New Orleans last season. But he looked awful in the preseason and there are a lot of hands in the pile for those valuable carries.

TE: Zach Miller

I should have drafted him as my starting tight end and spent more money at quarterback. I guarantee that I will trade Jason Witten by week 4 because of this guy. The Campbell-to-Miller connection could be extremely sharp this year.

Please stay healthy

That’s the squad. Moves need to be made, but I like my core players (Jackson, Turner, Marshall, Welker). I’m sure you won’t ask, but I’ll keep y0u updated.

Good luck to all of your teams as well.

  1. Frank Ladolcetta
    September 12, 2010 at 9:22 am

    Totally didnt have internet for the last week, so I wasn’t able to sign up for fantasy football… 😦

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