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My 2010 NFL Division Winners and Super Bowl Prediction. Because It Matters!

Yes, the NFL season officially began about 32 hours ago. But that doesn’t matter. That game sucked anyway. We’re still eight hours away from the start of the first full day of NFL football, so here is a quick rundown of my picks to make the playoffs and celebrate at the end of it all in Dallas.


Jets, Ravens, Colts, Chargers

No matter how many people think the Jets are overrated and have been paid way too much attention, they have clearly the best team in the AFC East … If the Ravens’ secondary can return to some semblance of health and get Ed Reed back by midseason, Baltimore is at the top in the AFC (foreshadowing!) … The Texans come up short once again. Sorry, I can’t go against the Colts yet … The Raiders might actually finish second in the AFC West at 7-9. Is it a bigger story that the Chargers could claim it with an 8-8 mark again?

Wild Card

Steelers, Dolphins

The Steelers should be able to navigate through their early season schedule with minimal trouble. Dennis Dixon will record the hold and set it up for Ben Roethlisberger. With Big Ben, I think Pittsburgh is better than Cincinnati on both sides of the ball … No Patriots and it’s fairly simple: That defense is going to be horrendous unless a lot of guys grow up quickly. The second wild card is certainly not coming out of the West. Why not the Dolphins? I don’t like what I’m reading about Chad Henne, but Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby can be the difference.


Ravens defeat Jets

The Ravens are not a grind-it-out team any longer. Not with Boldin, Mason, Houshmandzadeh, Rice and others in the mix. I’m an avid Joe Flacco supporter this season. Granted, the defense is past its prime, but Ravens can still be good enough to slow down quality offenses.


Cowboys, Packers, Saints, 49ers

I’m not too worried about the Cowboys’ preseason performance. It was the preseason. Right? Right?! … The Packers are fierce, but I also expect Minnesota to take a step back to clear the road … Falcons should be close, but Saints still have too much offensive power, with players in their peak years … Will the Niners be the only team in the NFC West to win more than six games?

Wild Card

Vikings, Giants

I’ll go on what I thought before that first Vikings game, because it looks like that offense is going to miss Sidney Rice more than I anticipated … The NFC East is tough, sure. But the Giants are a top-6 team in this conference. They just need to get better play out of their defensive front. Oh, and not quit with two weeks to go in the season. They are talented enough. I’m going to keep saying that just to convince myself.


Packers defeat Cowboys

This would be an incredibly fun game if it happens. I like the Packers’ defense a bit more and they are rolling with the most loaded offense in the NFC. I chose the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl during a podcast Tuesday, but I have to flip-flop. Although, it would be hilarious if a team finally made it to a Super Bowl held in its own stadium — none other than “America’s Team” with the grandest house in all of sports — and lost. As a Giants’ fan, It would make my life.


Ravens defeat Packers

A great matchup of two teams with solid defenses and offenses that can beat you in whichever way you would like. But it’s criminal as to how much I’ve fallen in love with the Ravens’ offense. Flacco becomes an absolute star this year. Led by Ray Rice’s can-do-everything skill set and Ray Lewis’ leadership, Baltimore is my true team to beat.

I can’t wait to be right. But first, the season!

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