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UPDATE: Jay Cutler, Get Ready For A Ton Of Flack

Jay Cutler plays it safe and makes sure he's ready to play next week

This seems to be just the start of it.

Right now, we don’t really know what specifically caused Jay Cutler to leave today’s NFC Championship showdown after a few plays in the third quarter. The only explanation has been vague; it’s a knee injury. But for the sake of Cutler’s image in Chicago and across the league, he better have a torn ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL and maybe some severe meniscus damage for good measure (Update: Cutler will undergo an MRI tomorrow and the early rumor is that he has a torn MCL. That likely won’t be enough to quiet the pitchfork mob).

While Todd Collins failed miserably and Caleb Hanie threw what turned out to be a championship-deciding pick-six, you just had to wonder what the hell happened to Cutler. He was horrible while a part of the action — 6-of-14 passing for 80 yards, an interception and a bunch of overthrows — so his presence probably wouldn’t have changed the result. But if Cutler certainly was too injured to play with a shot at the game’s ultimate goal on the line, he didn’t do a great job of giving off that impression. He wasn’t on a cart or in the locker room. He didn’t have the knee raised or significantly wrapped. He stood on the sidelines, walked around and rode a stationary bike.

He just wasn’t healthy enough to play in the second half of one of the most important Chicago Bears games ever …? Something’s wrong with that picture.

I thought it was funny when FOX spotlighted some blood on Cutler’s elbow sleeve early in the game, as if blood on an NFL player’s uniform is a novel sight. I guess we were supposed to be held in awe of Cutler’s toughness because he scraped his elbow and peeled back a few layers of skin. Curt Schilling’s bloody sock was more gruesome and at least we knew he was dealing with a torn ankle tendon.

Of course, Schilling played through all of his pain during the 2004 ALCS. Apparently, Cutler could not do the same on the NFL’s own league championship stage.

Cutler has played the part of controversy magnet plenty of times, thanks to his big mouth and big, sometimes inaccurate arm. This is different. This latest fire which is becoming a ferocious blaze isn’t due to a season-ending interception or some boneheaded play on the field. This speculation has everything to do with will and effort. To the rabid fans in Chicago, this looks like a franchise QB who makes $8 million per year quitting on his team when it needed him the absolute most.

You should never hope that a player suffers a significant injury, but for Cutler’s sake, I hope that there’s something seriously wrong with his knee. If not, those rabid fans will turn against him in ugly fashion.

Too late.

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