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Cleveland Rejoicing, Rest Of Country Bumming As Cavaliers Snap Historic Losing Streak

It took 26 losses, 55 days and one hell of an effort but yes, the Cleveland Cavaliers are winners, at least for tonight.

I sat down to watch Friday’s matchup with the Clippers for two reasons: I had never actually made it through an entire Cavs game since the slide began; I was determined to make it through this one.

Secondly, everyone was aware that this was the last hurdle before the “who’s worse” showdown between the Cavs and Wizards on Sunday. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly as I couldn’t wait for those two teams to square off.

Instead, the Cavaliers decided to take all of the fun out of my weekend plans.

More than just a relieving win, let’s not forget what really happened Friday night in the Q. An extremely entertaining game unexpectedly broke out. I figured that the Cavs would come out fast and then the Clippers would seize control before running away in the second half. Well, two of those three things did happen. Cleveland got an early lead only to see it erased and the Clippers go up by eight in the first quarter.

But that would be the largest margin in the game. What happened over the following 41 minutes was actually must-see basketball. There were 16 ties and 21 lead changes in this back-and-forth affair. It seemed in the second half that neither side could miss, and a big shot would always come when either team started to create just a bit of separation.

And then we had to deal with overtime.

Blake Griffin had another great game. Baron Davis was left completely alone whenever he decided to drive into the paint for layups, something he should have done more.

But Cleveland — holy Jesus!

Antwan Jamison played possessed, putting down 35 points, shooting better than 50 percent from the field and 3-point range. Mo Williams, in action for the first time in 13 games and competing through obvious pain in the fourth quarter, came off the bench to rack up 17 points and 14 assists. Nine of those assists came in his first 11 minutes. J.J Hickson, undersized at center and having to body up Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, scored 27 points, grabbed 14 rebounds and had a couple of gigantic blocks late in regulation (the second of which may have been goaltending…?).

Yes, part of me is happy for Cavaliers. It’s been a tough year for those players and their fans going back to that one night in July when some guy made a decision about something. Twenty-six losses in a row is a lot of suffering for a fan base that has the third-highest attendance mark in the league despite very little to get excited about. I give them a lot of credit for continuing to come out, and they gave tonight’s game a playoff atmosphere. I know that’s clichĂ©, but it was very true.

But that’s only a part of me because … c’mon. I mean, C’MON!

WIZARDS VERSUS CAVALIERS! As an unbiased observer, we needed that. America needed that. The team that can’t win to host the team that can’t win outside of D.C. I was fully planning on convening at a nearby watering hole to laugh heartily over the vast ineptitude.

Now it’s just a meeting of two really bad teams. Not historically bad, just bad. It’s lost all value. If the Wizards win, they will not have continued an amazing losing streak; they just got off the snide on the road against an emotionally exhausted group. If the Cavaliers win, they will have actually succeeded twice in as many games. Who cares?

Of course, the Clippers would ruin all of this. Just when they start playing better and defeating some strong teams, they look down at the front of their jerseys and realize what their role in the world has always been: losers. They couldn’t dare be in the spotlight any longer. They had to remind us all that the Clippers are still the Clippers. When it comes down to it, they will find a way to lose, because that’s what they do and that’s what they’ve always done.

For tonight, Cleveland is full of winners, I’m sure to the pleasure of one particular website.

It’s a nice story about overcoming adversity and all of that pretty stuff. But damn, I really wanted that perfect storm scenario on Sunday night.

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