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Hey Everyone, Hey Everyone! Here Is My Take On The ‘Melo Trade!

Yep, that's basically happening. Well, other than the number as the Knicks have retired No. 15 twice -- Earl Monroe and Dick McGuire. Carmelo's high school number, 22, belongs in the rafters to Dave DeBusschere

Praise Jesus, we can finally move on!

That was my first thought when I heard the news at about 7:15 p.m. Monday in California. It’s comforting that Nuggets head coach George Karl agrees.

All sports have trade and free-agency rumors that linger way past the nation’s attention span. They are largely tolerated and I can put up with most of them in my most beloved sport, baseball. But there comes a time where everything turns into overkill. You are left to scream at your TV, “SOMEBODY JUST FREAKING DO SOMETHING¬† ALREADY!!! Gaaaawd!” Can you tell I’m watching Napoleon Dynamite right now?

Anyway, that’s what the past month became with Carmelo Anthony.

Now, did the Knicks completely cave to the Nuggets’ demands? You bet. I love how the package of players from New York mutated seemingly every day:

“Wilson Chandler and either Raymond Felton or Danilo Gallinari, but not both, plus some draft picks.”

Followed by:

“OK, Chandler and Felton, but not Gallinari, got it? We’ll throw in the picks.”

Followed by:

“Fine! Chandler, Felton, Gallinari and some picks, but there IS NO WAY we are going to give you Timofey Mozgov. No, sir. Nuh-uh.”

Finally ending with:

“Here is Chandler. Here is Felton. Here is Gallinari. Here is Mozgov. Here are three draft picks and we’ll even toss in $3 million for giggles. Now give us Carmelo and get the hell out of our house.”

James Dolan, Donnie Walsh and the Knicks did whatever they could to get their man. They held out as long as they could, tried every negotiating tool in the book, but they obviously felt that they couldn’t bank on Carmelo brushing away New Jersey and waiting until free agency to inevitably sign with them. And that’s too bad because Carmelo could have had his own Decision special.

“I’m taking my talents to the Flatiron District.”

I can’t say the Knicks gave up too much because none of those players stand out as true game-changers and the Nuggets will probably flick a few of them elsewhere to pile up more draft picks. But in getting the player they wanted, the Knicks have been left dangerously thin up front and on the bench. Once you get past Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups it’s a formidable who’s who of “who’s that?”

Granted, Landry Fields has been surprisingly impressive in his rookie year out of Stanford. But, Ronny Turiaf may be the starting center for the New York Knicks at this moment (1:17 a.m to be exact. Why did I decide to write this now?).

Shawne Williams, Shelden Williams, Bill Walker, Andy Rautins, Kelenna Azubuike, Roger Mason Jr., Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Toney Douglas, who, to his credit, has been less than terrible as a rook.

Of course, you can already forget that list. Most of those names will be moved around in the next couple of days as the Knicks look to strengthen their now extremely glaring weaknesses. Billups is no slouch, but he’s 34 and has a contract that expires after next season. Fields will need to keep progressing.

For now, Knicks fans need be concerned with just Anthony and Stoudemire. Those two may be able to work magic in the Garden for a long time. While the Nuggets are entering a clear rebuilding period, the foundation has been placed for an extended stretch of Knicks success. However, it’s just the foundation. This isn’t close to a final product. Their amount of future success — along with how history will view this 12-player trade — will really depend on a trade for Chris Paul what the Knicks do in the market this offseason or in 2012. Chris Paul Another significant player must be added for New York to have true championship aspirations. But Monday brought a grand stride in that direction.

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