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Oh My God! The NFLPA Has Disbanded!

Decertified is the correct term. The NFL Players Association is no longer a union. It has given up its collective bargaining rights, the meetings are over and NFL news will now take on a Court TV (R.I.P.) resemblance. Lockouts, lawyers, litigation, oh my!  Eighty-one-year-old judge David Doty will likely decide the future of NFL in his Minneapolis courtroom.

Isn’t this what we’ve been told to expect for months? Certainly, the reality is disheartening, but this can’t be considered shocking. That is, unless you bought in to this week’s ridiculous chatter from all of the TV analysts who somehow transformed from doomsday soothsayers to rosy optimists after news of the seven-day extension came to the surface. Today’s result was basically inevitable, so it’s a real shame those guys decided to aimlessly flip-flop so close to the finish line. Tough break.

I think we will have NFL football with actual NFL players this September, but it’s going to be a long summer if you are a pro football enthusiast. Until a new CBA is negotiated, here is the theme song for Monday Night Football.

In the present, today’s desertification is most disappointing to me because it will overshadow some tremendous college basketball and, you know, actual sporting events.

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