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Happy March Madness Day!

Oh, and I hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day, too. But there are important issues at hand.

Forget Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s games; today represents the true first round of the NCAA College Basketball National Tournament.

Sixteen games Thursday. Sixteen games Friday. Every year, the simple thought of that much competitive college basketball makes the blood rush to those sensitive areas of the body.

It would be nice if you click into here every now and then as you watch. I’ll be doing a running blog of the action today and tomorrow*, all the way from first tip to final buzzer. Yes, a 12-hour stream of consciousness. Part of me thinks it could be interesting, but the majority of me thinks it will be an epic train wreck.

Fun either way, right?

*Friday is kind of to be determined, depending on how Thursday goes. I’m preparing for the worst.

March also brings us the soothing, serene, restrained tones of Gus Johnson. Although, I wish he would have been given some more compelling games to call during this first weekend.

Is it troubling that the sound from those clips draws tears of joy out of me?

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